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Meet Odd Eyed Olive: A Gorgeous Feline With Spectacular Eyes

by Cattitude Daily

I could look at cat eyes all day long. Majestic, enchanting, tiny orbs of magical colors that dazzle and glisten in even the darkest of light, all cat eyes are truly a sight to behold. We’ve heard of cats have complete heterochromia, when one eye is a completely different color than the unaffected blue eye, but what about sectoral heterochromia? For Odd Eyed Olive, she lives with this rare condition and her peepers are just out of this world!

oddity olive

We know that the gene that controls white fur also controls a cat’s eye color, so these lovely multi-colored peepers come as a result of good old fashioned genetics. And thankfully for precious little Olive, both her sight and hearing are just like any other cat. In her free time, her owner says that Olive loves to play in boxes, bird watch while making cute little “ek ek ek” cat chatter sounds, and attack her growing collection feather toys.

oddity olive

And it seems that when she’s not busy doing that or taking photographs for the world to see, Olive loves to pass her time hanging out with her cat housemate and designated cuddle buddy, Charlie. According to Olive’s human, the two are inseparable, and he’s her “boyfriend” she says…Olive must have a thing for blue eyes, too!

oddity olive

Olive won’t just cuddle with any of her other cat housemates her owner claims, she only “tolerates” affection and attention from Charlie! She also shares her life with her house cat mate, Fifi, a fluffy blue-eyed beauty pictured below…

oddity olive

Can’t get enough of little Olive and her beautiful cat siblings? Follow her many adventures and lovely eyes on Instagram at @OddEyedOlive.

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All Images Courtesy of Odd Eyed Olive

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