Cool Cat Eye Pics And Fun Facts

Every person—cat lover or not—can admit, cats have some truly stunning peepers. Cat eyes can come in a wide range of colors, and it seems that no two are ever exactly the same. There are shiny black cats with green eyes like crocodiles, gorgeous Siamese with eyes so blue they mirror the clear sky, jade green, gold, yellow, orange, really, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever your favorite may be, we can all agree, cat eyes are absolutely mesmerizing. Here we’ve gathered some beautiful images for you to feast your own eyes on, and we’ve included a few little fun facts about feline eyes, too! Enjoy 🙂

Some cool cat eye close-ups…

Fun fact: Cats can’t see in complete darkness, but they can see with only 15% of the life that a human requires to see in the darkness.

Image Courtesy of Tina’s Perspective – Instagram
Image Courtesy of Tina’s Perspective – Instagram


The Turkish Van is known for heterochromia, and one of these Turkish Van cats even has it in the same eye!

Can cats see in color? Cats are generally accepted as dichromats, meaning that they have two types of cones that see colors. Meaning that they can see in colors, it’s just significantly muted.

Those “eye slits” in your cat’s pupils serve a pretty amazing purpose: They allow for a huge change between the constricted and dilated states and can undergo a 135-to-300-fold change in area.

And if you can’t get enough of cool cat eyes or just excellent photographs of our feline friends, check out professional cat photographer Andrew Marttila. His images are AMAZING—each one better than the next. But when cats are your photography subjects, that might not be hard to do. 😉

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