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Feline 411: All About The Ocicat

by Victoria

An Ocicat isn’t hard to spot if you know what we mean. This cat is named after the gorgeous and wild Ocelot cat because of the gorgeous spotted coat they both share. Yet, Ocicats are not as wild as the breed they may resemble…

Let’s learn more about this pretty and popular cat breed!

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Ocicats may look wild, but they’re not…

Just because Ocicats were named after Ocelots, doesn’t make them wild! In fact, Ocicats have always been a domesticated cat breed.

The only thing that makes Ocicats look wild is their fascinating appearance. Ocicats have a silky short-haired coat, with spots all over their sides and bellies. They also have especially large ears and eyes. While these may be characteristics of many kitties in the wild, the Ocicat’s spots were actually bred into existence!

These may not be wildcats, but boy are they athletic

What also fools many about the Ocicat is how athletic this domestic kitty is. You can tell from its strong, muscular bodies. A lot of times, people expect this lean kitty to be light and delicate. But, picking up an Ocicat can feel kinda like lifting a tiger cub!

Since Ocicats have such athletic builds, they are super active. Ocicats love to climb on everything. With their powerful legs, they can reach great heights and make spectacular landings. So, perhaps it’s best to not leave the cat food on top of the fridge with an Ocicat around.

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Ocicats happened by accident

So, if Ocicats aren’t even part wildcat, how did these pretty kitties come to be? Well, the Ocicat occurred after a little experimentation challenge back in 1964…

Virginia Daly, a professional cat breeder, was asked to try to breed a Siamese with an Abyssinian. The reason wasn’t to create a spotted cat, rather to breed a pointed Siamese. Daly was successful with the original goal, but her second litter revealed a cute little kitty with tons of spots.

Daly couldn’t help but notice the cat. She named him Tonga, breeding him and introducing the Ocicat to the world. This breed was officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1987.

These cats have 12 different color variations

All Ocicats have spots. But, not every Ocicat is the same color!

It may surprise you to know that Ocicats have 12 color variations. These variations range from tawny to chocolate to even lavender-spotted Ocicats.

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Ocicats are technically Tabbies

Before you get confused – you must remember that Tabby isn’t a breed of cat. It is a coat pattern!

Ocicats are agouti tabbies, meaning they have a ticked pattern of fur. An Ocicat’s hairs are both light and dark. You can notice this by looking very closely at the kitty’s fur, especially in the light.

But, what makes an Ocicat officially a tabby is their “M” marking on their forehead. This is the famous ‘mark’ of any tabby.

So, what makes an Ocicat a tabby? Their Abyssinian parents of course! Agouti tabbies are also known as Abyssinian tabbies.

Despite their pretty spots, these cats do not require a lot of grooming

A pretty cat can fool us to think they’re high maintenance when in reality it’s quite the opposite. Ocicats don’t require any special pampering.

To keep your Ocicat looking and feeling great, it’s best to brush their coat once a week. This will not be hard to do either, as Ocicats really do adore human attention.

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Ocicats natural-born entertainers

What makes Ocicats so adored is how friendly they are. Their whimsical personality makes them always a joy to be around. Ocicats are very intelligent, picking up on all kinds of games super fast. Coupled with their love for climbing on nearly anything, you’ll never be bored with an Ocicat around.

And, they are true lovers at heart

Not only do Ocicats love to play, but they love to…love! Ocicats have big ole hearts for their humans. This isn’t just for their human parents – Ocicats are known to be very friendly to strangers too. An Ocicat’s affectionate and charming personality makes this cat breed a reliable pick for families, even ones with young kids.

The Ocicat may not be as wild as they look, but that doesn’t make this kitty any less cool. Ocicats are fun, athletic, and witty kitties that any cat lover will fall in love with.

Do you know someone with an Ocicat, or is looking to bring one home? Share this article with them – it will only get them more excited to have an Ocicat in their life!

ocicat breed facts

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