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Meet Toby And Mr. Mika: A Pair Of Precious Ragdoll Cats To Brighten Your Day

by Cattitude Daily

With all the crazy news going on across the globe, if you do decide to go online, it’s nice to fill your feed with cats to keep your spirits up. For Toby and Mr. Mika, they’re a couple of super gorgeous Ragdoll cats that love to pose for the camera. And thankfully for us, their owner takes precious photos of them to share with the world.

Toby and Mr. Mika

It’s hard not to fall head over heels for a Ragdoll: those eyes, that fluff, and so much kitty to love! These two cats each have their own personality, and they’ve carried the torch to honor their late cat housemate, Timo, whose adorable videos still brighten the days of many even after his passing.

I caught up with their owner hoping to share this cute pair, and thankfully she agreed! So, everyone, get to know Toby and Mr. Mika!

Where are you guys located?

We are living in the Netherlands.

Mr. Mika

What is each of their personalities like?

Mr. Mika is a very gentle, easy-going, active, and playful kitty. He’s very smart and loves to learn things like new tricks. Mr. Mika is a very curious boy. He has a special bond with his Koi fish friends, one in particular, the big white one. We call him Dino because he’s huge.

Toby loves to play as well but he’s not very gentle. He loves to play rough. He’s a bit bossy. Toby is a big fluffy cuddle kitty, a real mommy’s boy. The typical thing is, he looks big but he sounds like a baby with his little baby squeaky sound. Toby has typical funny Ragdoll poses (sitting like a real man).

Toby & Mr. Mika

What are their favorite hobbies?

Mr. Mika loves to hang around at the Koi pond, greeting his buddies. He visit them every day. He will always touch and even kiss them and never use his nails. The fishies recognize him too, it’s very special. He also loves to chase Toby. Mika always wants to play with everything he sees like a leaf, twig or a bug. He’s a busy kitty. He helps his cat dad at the Koi pond by dragging the fish net and checking out if they getting enough food. The best helper! Mr. Mika loves to chill in his hammock.

Toby loves feathers. He never gets enough of feathers. His daily routine is running after Mr. Mika in the morning, running like a maniac. A great workout. He’s always near Mika like a big brother (although they are not really brothers). Toby loves to chill in his hammock as well.

They say that Ragdoll cats will go limp when you hold them, how do your Ragdoll cats respond to being held? (They are both Ragdoll cats, correct??)

Yes they are both full breed Ragdoll cats. And yes they both go limp when you pick them up.

Toby & Mr. MikaToby & Mr. Mika

How do Toby and Mr. Mika get along with each other?

They get along very well. They loved each other since the beginning (since day 3). They are always playing together and grooming each other. A perfect match.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Toby and Mr. Mika?

They’re special characters. Ragdolls are like puppy dogs. Funny, smart, and pretty. Also, they are very gentle and their fur feels soft like silk.
Toby & Mr. Mika

Could you please tell me a little bit about Timo, your late cat?

About Timo, he was a very special cat. Our first Ragdoll. We fell in love with him from the moment we saw him. He became well known on the internet because of his special bond with the Koi fish (just like Mika) and his hammock skills. Unfortunately, he passed away too young in 2019 because of kidney failure. I receive daily messages of people watching old videos of Timo on YouTube again, telling me how much they miss him. He was loved all over the world.

I’d like to thank Toby and Mr. Mika’s owner for allowing me to share her gorgeous kitties with the Cattitude Daily readers. It’s so fun to be able to personally connect with cat owners all over the globe, so I hope you enjoyed learning about these two precious cats. To keep up with these cuties, follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.Toby

All Images Courtesy of Timo the Ragdoll Cat on Facebook

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