Meet Jasper The Cat And His Purrfect Fish Tank

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03/28/2023 02:29 am GMT

When we have cats, we can’t help but spoil them. Because even if we have human children, our cats become like children to us. We spoil them, praise them, and often go above and beyond to show them that they are appreciated and loved. For one gorgeous Siamese kitty cat named Jasper, he is a pampered house cat who spends his days occupying boxes in his home, cuddling with his cat housemates, and spending his time watching his fish friends in his custom fish tank. I came across his story and couldn’t help but reach out so that others could enjoy seeing a cat with his very own cat-ified fish tank!

How did Jasper come into your life?

My husband and I discussed getting a cat for our family and agreed it was something we wanted to do. We talked about breeds, and I suggested Siamese because they are better for people with slight allergies to cats. I found a lady who had kittens for sale pretty cheap for Siamese kittens. They are not purebred. I decided to take the last two, a brother and a sister. She called and asked me to pick them up at 8 weeks, two weeks earlier than expected. She said she needed them gone due to a housing issue. When I first brought them home, it was a surprise to my family. Instant love. Everyone was thrilled. We kept them in a separate room because we have two small dogs and I wanted them to be safe but could still see (glass door into the room) and smell each other. A little later, I had to leave to go to a play with my mom. I checked my phone at intermission, there were multiple messages from my girls. “Mom, kittens are covered with fleas! “ When I got home I had to give them their first and only bath with Dawn soap. It was awful. They hated it, but I got rid of fleas. 

What is his personality like?

He is curious, obviously. He is a little stinker sometimes and I wouldn’t call him pampered cat but he has a pretty good life. We love him very much. I am 53 with grown children, two away at college and two live here. We also have 3 other cats named Willow (Jasper’s biological sister), Indigo, and Cobalt (Russian Blues), two dogs, 3 tanks (freshwater, saltwater, and turtles) which thank goodness, are maintained by Jason at Aquatics and Exotics. Jasper kind of has to compete for my time the same as the other pets with four legs. 

What inspired you to create this amazing fish tank?

I have had fish tanks all my life and I have always enjoyed watching my fish. Our four cats like to watch the fish as well. Jason Hering, owner of Aquatics and Exotics, services and helps maintain our 3 large tanks. He came over to do the two-week maintenance. We have been his customer for 15 years, so we are good friends. We were standing there watching our cats, who were watching the fish, and I said, “Wouldn’t it be funny to have one of those pop-up areas, like in a children’s zoo, inside the tank for the cats? Jason said, “I can do that!” He did some drawings and pricing, I said yes, and he built it. He creates some amazing tanks. He could probably make any shape you can think of within reason. He is extremely creative and very professional. 

Jasper must love it. How did he first react to the tank when it was set up in your home?

I have to admit, when the cats didn’t explore the box in the first couple of weeks, I was slightly disappointed. Jasper has always been the most curious and bravest of our cats. He was the first to go on the shelf and look up. After seeing Jasper checking it out more and more, I decided to put my phone down by the tank and try to record him. I’m glad the phone was handy when he finally went up into the box. 

I fed the fish moments before I took the video. The cats recognize the sounds of feeding time and usually come sit on chairs by the tank to watch the fish eat. I think the action of fish darting around and grabbing food is fun to watch so Jasper was intrigued. In the viral video, you can see fish food floating around. It kind of looks a little messy to me now that I’ve watched it so many times. 

I always like to watch the fish after I feed them because there is lots of activity in the tank and all the fish come out, so it’s a good time to check on them. The Angelfish were new and very small and I was watching them. Jasper startled me when he first popped up. It wasn’t the first time he went up in box but it was the first time I had my phone nearby. I grabbed it, took some pictures and made a few videos.

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about Jasper?

He likes to cuddle and sleep with you but you have to let him pick the spot. He comes immediately when I call. He has beautiful blue eyes. The way he cares for the other cats is special. They all cuddle together, it’s so cute. A big kitty pile of coziness. 

He loves to sit in boxes. Any box, any size. I just walked in the house, and he is sitting in a little plastic box you store leftovers in. It was on my kitchen counter, and there he is. Just looking at me like, “what?” When you open a box that was just delivered and take some of it out. Turn back to the box, and he is in it. That fast. You don’t know where he came from, but he is your box, and you have to lift him out. He goes all dead body weight, too, like he’s not helping. You want him out, you do the work.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Melissa for allowing me to share Jasper’s story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. For more on this cool cat and his even cooler fish tank, be sure to check him out on social media below.






For more information on Jasper’s fish tank, see below:

The tank was created by Jason Hering, who is the owner of Aquatics and Exotics in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The store is located at 7513 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45231.



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