Meet Gyoza & Gnocchi: A Rescued Pair Of Polydactyl Cat Siblings

If you’re a cat lover, then chances are that you’re crazy about toe beans. And when it comes to polydactyl cats, they’ve got toe beans for days! For Gyoza and Gnocci, they were a bonded pair of matching polydactyl kittens that stole their owners’ hearts right from the start. And the two of them are here to show you that sometimes being different is super adorable!

Everyone, meet Gyoza and Gnocchi—AKA the Poly Dumplings!

I caught up with their owner, Cerise, and she was kind enough to answer some questions I had for her about this extra-toed duo that are simply too cute for words. Keep reading to learn more about these cutie pies!

1. How did Gyoza & Gnocchi come into your life?

We volunteered at Purrfect Pals and wanted a pair of polydactyls. We contacted the kitten coordinator and as luck would have it, there were some in fostercare. We met the kitty family and, because the fosters, Gail and Chris felt that Gnocchi and Gyoza would do best together, we chose them. We adopted them on July 20, 2018.

As kittens, they were just the cutest babies ever!

2. How did they get their names?

From their foster theme: The Dumplings! Each named after dumplings around the world. Momo and her five kittens (Gnocchi, Gyoza, Pierogi, Shumai, and Uszka). Momo was brought to Purrfect Pals with her kittens who were born on May 18, 2018 by their owner who could no longer keep them. The family was in a great foster home where Momo got the support and love she needed while raising healthy, well-socialized kittens. We have Gnocchi and Gyoza and kept their names as most cats have multiple nicknames. We call him Ozzy (oz in Gyoza) and Gnocchi goes by Missy.

3. How old were they when they came to live with you?

They were three months old when they came home. Ozzy was 3.4 pounds and Gnocchi was 2.9 and we had a 20 pound cat at home!

4. What are their personalities like?

Ozzy is a laid back kitty. If you just look at him, he purrs. The vet said he was born sweet! Missy is a tiny but fierce girl. She is energetic and vocally demands attention, play, and her daddy’s lap. They are closely bonded and still groom each other and sleep together at night. They are never far apart. They love treats, pets and spending time in their catio.

Now there’s a big difference in size. She’s a forever kitten weighing 8 pounds and he’s 15!!

She loves to sploot on her belly and Ozzy prefers to be on his back exposing his pettable belly!
Every morning, she looks forward to making the bed. If she’s in the catio, will come running when called. She likes to get covered up and then accepts pets, a brushing and then her morning ritual of playtime.

They are both polydactyl (extra toes) and have black tails. Gyoza has 23 toes: 6 and 7 in the front and 5 each back and Gnocchi has the poly form but technically just extra on the back; she has 20. (Average cats are 18.) There is a big size difference too – Gnocchi is just 8 pounds and Gyoza is 15.

5. How do they get along with Rascal, their cool cat housemate?

After super slow introductions, Rascal graciously accepted them and they all love each other. Little Missy loves to chase him around and Ozzy loves to groom him.

6. What’s something special you’d like people to know about them?

Gnocchi and Gyoza give us endless hours of entertainment, pure love, and plenty of those awe moments. They both use their exercise wheel. We used treats to train them so now if they want treats, will go on wheel.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Cerise for allowing me to share Gyoza and Gnocci’s story and photos with you all. For more of their cuteness, be sure to follow them on Instagram here! And now that you’ve learned all about them, be sure to read their cool cat bro’s story here on Cattitude Daily.

All Images Courtesy of Poly Dumplings on Instagram

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