Meet Bowie The Tuxedo Cat: A Cool Cat With Even Cooler Eyes

All cats are cool, but there are some cats that capture your attention and simply mesmerize you. The first time I laid eyes on Bowie, I was amazed by his beauty. And something tells me that you will be too!

Everyone, meet Bowie The Tuxedo Cat, a heterochromia kitty with stunning blue and gold eyes like you’ve never seen.

Bowie the Tuxedo Cat

Matched with his long tuxedo pattern coat and supersized whiskers, he is a sight to behold. Bowie the Tuxedo Cat was rescued from PAWS – Progressive Animal Welfare Society in Washington state. When his current owners first saw him, they fell madly for him without even getting a peek at those piercing peepers. And once they brought him home, they decided on a name to suit him and those super cool eyes of his. And, as they say, the rest is history!

He’s a chill kitty that enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like “long romantic walks to his food bowl.”

Bowie the Tuxedo Cat

Bowie, AKA Bow, is quickly gaining attention on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why. He’s simply fun to look at! And, I must say, he’s a natural cat model. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his owners and his cat housemate, Olive, and passes the time serving looks for the camera when he’s not busy cat napping.

Oh, and then there’s bird watching, too. That’s high on his list of things to do…

Bowie the Tuxedo Cat

Bowie the Tuxedo Cat

If this photo doesn’t scream “cattitude” then I don’t know what does. And we all know, tuxedo cats have loads of cattitude!

Bowie the Tuxedo Cat

His Instagram bio reads that “First I’m sour, then I’m sweet🐱 – so I’m guessing this is a cat with loads of purrsonality.

His owner, Scarlett French, was kind enough to answer a few questions I had for her about this ridiculously cool cat. Here’s what she had to say about Bowie…

1. How did Bowie come into your life? I know he’s a rescue. But tell us a little about his story.

It was late in the evening and my husband and I had just gotten out of a comedy show when we walked by PAWS cat city. It was closed but we could still see some cats through the window. Some cats were playing around or sleeping but when we saw Bowie he was just curled up staring straight at us 🙂 We were immediately smitten with how sweet he seemed. We called the next day and they said there was a hold on him till 5pm that day but we could still come visit. So we decided to risk it and hope for the best!

Bowie the Tuxedo Cat

We got to play with him and get a better look at his amazing eyes (we didn’t even know they were so unique at first since we saw him at night) and we were obsessed! As fate would have it, they hold was removed and we got to take him home with us that evening! We decided on the name Bowie after David Bowie because he also has two different colored eyes 🙂 It was a bit of an adjustment at first with our other cat Olive but now they are besties and we are so in love with Bow!

A little throwback of baby Bow!

Bowie the Tuxedo Cat

2. What’s his personality like?

He is honestly such a mellow and chill cat! He’s also very sweet and curious, we foster dogs a lot and Bowie is always the first to go greet the dogs and rub up on their legs (whether they like it or not 😂). He really just loves being around people, he’s not much of a cuddler but he needs to be near.

Bowie the Tuxedo Cat

3. What’s something special you’d want people to know about him?

He is SO quiet and we’ve never heard him meow! Occasionally he chatters to birds but that’s the most noise we’ve ever heard out of him. It’s so funny because my husband and i have had very vocal cats in the past and Bowie is a mute! 😋

This odd-eyed cat has completely captured my heart! Bowie, you are such a good kitty. I’m glad you found the perfect forever home with a human who shares you with the world. The world can certainly use your beauty and lovely images.

Bowie the Tuxedo Cat

Can’t get enough of Bowie the Tuxedo Cat? Follow him here on Instagram so you can see even more images of this super cool feline.

And if you know somebody that would love admiring his beauty, share him with them, too! I’d like to give a special thank you to Scarlett for allowing me to share Bowie’s story and beautiful images with cat lovers worldwide.

All Images Courtesy of Bowie the Tuxedo Cat on Instagram

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Bowie The Cat
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