Meet Bowie The Cat: A Rescued Feline Who Was Born To Be A Star

Did you know that the late David Bowie was a lover of the feline kind? The legendary rocker was known by the world for his impressive musical talents, eccentric artistry and attire, and, of course, his striking odd-colored eyes. For a lonely stray cat that was abandoned in Spain, once he found his way to his forever human, she knew exactly what to name her new feline friend. And thus, Bowie the Cat was born! With dazzling green and blue eyes, this celebrity kitty is a thing of wonder and beauty. And to be totally honest, I can’t get enough of him!

bowie the cat
Bowie as a totally adorable kitten.

Be purrpared to get lost in Bowie the Cat’s gorgeous peepers, cat lovers!

His cat mom, Maria Lloret, says that Bowie is “sweet and sassy at the same time” and loves to play. You know, when he’s not busy hamming it up for the camera, that is! This heterochromia cutie first made waves on social media in December of 2018 when Maria created an Instagram account for her odd-eyed cutie pie.

bowie the cat

Obviously cat lovers were instantly smitten with this photogenic cat with magical eyes! Maria is a self-professed “proud cat mum” and she flexes her professional photography skills beautifully on her purrferred cat subject of choice. Bowie the cat has earned himself 27k Instagram followers and counting, and his pics are purely stunning.

As you can see, Bowie knows how to turn on the charm for the camera…

Bowie and his devoted human love sharing him with the world, and they’re both grateful to be able to make other cat lovers smile. His cat mom also reminds people in the power of adopting, because it truly helps to save lives.

If you can’t get enough of this handsome boy, follow him on Instagram here; and/or on Facebook here. You can also check out his cat mom’s blog dedicated to him, filled with lots of fun photos of Bowie and complete with English and Spanish translation!

bowie the cat

Bowie the cat

As you can see, Bowie The Cat was simply born to be a cat star! Thanks for sharing him with the world, Maria. He (and you!) make it a more purrfect place.

Bowie the cat
\ ¡Hola! Soy Bowie The Cat

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All Images Courtesy of Bowie the Cat on Instagram

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