Meet Amazing Narnia: The “Double Face” British Shorthair Cat

I’ve written about chimera kitties in the past, but when I came across the images of Amazing Narnia, I was instantly struck by his beauty. And I’m not the only one either, because this striking cat has hundreds of thousands of fans on social media. But once you see him, you’ll know exactly why. He’s super unique and just begs to be adored.

Everyone, Meet Amazing Narnia!

Amazing Narnia

Amazing Narnia

Narnia, age three, is a very good boy according to his owner, Stéphanie Jimenez. Together they live in Paris, France. And when he’s not busy turning on his charm for the camera, he loves to have a good romp with his catnip toys. He’s also a fan of eating, she says, and he enjoys a nice blend of kibble and wet cat food. Oh, and his full name? Narnia De La Grace. Très chic!

I can’t get enough of British Shorthair cats and those chubby cheeks. Matched with his super cool face, Narnia is certainly a handsome cat. Narnia is a tuxedo cat and a British Blue all in one, and simply perfect if you ask me. Narnia wasn’t especially bred to look the way that he does, and his interesting coat pattern is just a mystery—and a very lovely one at that!

And just look at those baby blues…

Amazing Narnia

Narnia, as a kitten, was just precious…

Amazing Narnia

His Facebook bio reads in French, but I’ve translated it for you below:

My name is Narnia and I am a British Shorthair born with the face of two colors: black and blue—a big surprise for everyone 😍😍 I decided to share my life with you…welcome to my page!💞
Amazing Narnia

I’d like to give a special thank you to Stéphanie for allowing me to share Narnia’s beauty and images with you. If you know anyone who would love to see this special cat, don’t forget to share with them, too!

Want to follow his daily adventures? Don’t forget to follow Narnia on Facebook and/or Instagram here.

Amazing Narnia

All Images Courtesy of Amazing Narnia Double Face Cat

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