Two Cute Cats With Matching Birthdays Land Forever Home

It often seems like the very best cats we will ever have in our lives come to us by chance. And that’s probably because many cat lovers like us have a soft spot in their hearts for cats in need of homes. For Mabel and Fitz, they’re two cute cats from different litters who happened to be in search of forever homes. As kittens, the two were placed for adoption together at a local Petsmart.

Their cat mom had only come in for food, but she left with so much more when she caught a glimpse of this purrfectly precious pair. And, as they say, the rest is history!

I caught up with their cat mom to see if I could feature their story on the website, and thankfully she agreed. So, keep reading to learn all about Mabel & Fitz, two cute cats who prove that sometimes all it takes is one look to turn your whole life around!

How did Mabel & Fitz come into your life?

Mabel and Fitzgerald (came from different litters with same birthdays, 8-10-18) were adopted together from PetSmart through Caring Fields Felines. My daughter, who was home for the weekend from college, asked me to go with her to buy some food for her cat and we fell in love with the kittens they had that day. We had just lost our 12 year old cat Steve about a month before and weren’t sure we were ready until we saw these two! My husband met us at PetSmart and Fitzgerald picked me (fell for his beautiful blue eyes and silly face) and Mabel picked him (she was energetic and playing with his shoe lace, and with that nub tail how could you not fall for her!)

What are their personalities like?

Fitzgerald (AKA Mr. Fitz) is a goofy white chubby short haired blue eyed boy.  He enjoys food and sleep! He’s a bit uncoordinated for a cat, but it just adds to his silly personality.  He enjoys playing with springs and pipe cleaners. He a guy who likes pets on his terms and will let you know by squeaking at you with is tiny voice and hunching up with is tail straight up and wiggling!

Mabel (aka Miss Mabes) is a tabby nub tail, possibly a Manx. She came from a litter with varying length tails. She is high energy girl who is always on high alert! She hates thunderstorms and loud noises! She enjoys to play fetch with her catnip mice and she can jump very high! In the summer you’ll find her enjoy the heat on our screened porch and in the wintertime (even though it’s Florida) she’ll be cuddled up on Mom’s lap, preferably with a heated blanket! They are both very talkative and sweet. They are the only two fur babies for now, although I’m working on cat dad for one more!

Do they have any other cat or dog housemates at home?

They are the only two fur babies for now, although I’m working on cat dad for one more!

How do Mabel & Fitz get along with each other?

They get along pretty well with each other. Mr. Fitz like to “attach” Mabel every time she comes out of the cat box! They’ll chase each other, she’s much faster and more coordinated so she always gets someplace high and then he walks around “talking” to her until he gives up. She will also let him know when she is definitely not in the mood to play, usually with a bit of hissing! Once in a while they will lay next to each other on the couch, but Fitz isn’t as much of a cuddler like Mabel is.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Mabel & Fitz?

An interesting thing about Mabel  is that she broke her upper right canine tooth last May. She had to have it removed. We have no idea how it happened and I even found the broken piece. The said it could have been she ran into something or just a weak tooth. Fitz is extremely good with his paws! He mastered the treat board we got them the first time, he’s very food motivated though!

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to their cat mom for allowing me to share their story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. It’s nice to know that there are people out their like her giving cats without homes a second chance of life! For more of this adorable duo, check them out on Instagram @nub_and_tail.

All Images Courtesy of nub_and_tail on Instagram

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