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Leo The Maine Coon Wears The Crown—And His Siblings Know It Too!

by Cattitude Daily

In the Windy City, there lives a Maine Coon cat who is quite regal. So regal, in fact, that he wears lovely crowns made from the finest faux flowers. Maine Coon cats are effortlessly cool, charming, and oh-so-majestic. And for Leo, he’s no different. This handsome Maine Coon cat has amassed quite the Instagram following, and it’s easy to see why given his precious photos. Although Leo is the one who holds the crown, he’s eager to share the spotlight with his four-legged siblings, Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie, and Kota. Keep reading to learn all about Leo and his lovely friends…

Can you tell me about Leo’s personality?

Leonidas AKA Leo (age 6 and an impressive 21 lbs) is a very laid-back cat generally. He loves taking naps on the couch and hanging out on our catio. However, he can also be extremely needy if he’s hungry or wants attention. Oftentimes, he’ll come over and meow nonstop until he gets what he wants. Occasionally headbutts and paw pokes are included.

When/How did you discover that he liked wearing the flower crowns?

I wouldn’t say he, or any cat for that matter, “enjoys” wearing flower crowns. However, Leo does not mind it since he knows he gets treats in return! It’s like paying a model for their services…but in treats. 🙂 I’d also like to let people know that not all cats are tolerant, even with treats. Out of all my cats, Leo is the only one patient enough for this. Keep in mind that photos are only a snapshot in time. The crown is only on Leo’s head for maybe 5-10 seconds each time, before I remove it from his head, and then reward him with some treats.

Do you design the flower crowns?

I do not! Almost all of my crowns are purchased from my friend Yarely, who runs @freyasfloralco on Instagram. She creates the most beautiful faux flower crowns.


Can you tell me a little about Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie & Kota?

Lucy (gray) was adopted from PAWS Chicago when she was 5 years old. I decided to keep her original name from her previous family since she already responds to it. She was my first cat and is now 11 years old. She is definitely the most independent of all my cats and knows how to get what she wants. If she’s hungry, she’ll come and poke me. If she wants water from the faucet, she’ll run over when I’m nearby and poke me until I turn on the faucet for her. If she wants a warm lap to sit on, she’ll hop up when I’m on the couch. Lucy is quite tolerant of new cats, as long as the newcomers do not bother her.

I got Ori (Bengal) as a kitten from Leap of Faith Bengals in California. His full name is Orion since I wanted another Greek mythology name to go with Leonidas. However, I prefer two-syllable names, so I made sure to pick a name that could have a nickname. Ori is now 3 years old. He is the most active of the cats and enjoys running on his cat wheel throughout the day. He plays the role of the bratty younger brother who always wants to play with his older siblings, Leo and Lucy. He sometimes gets a smack on the head, when the others are not in the mood to deal with him. At the same time, Ori is also the best foster brother! He has been very kind to all of our foster cats and kittens, oftentimes cuddling and grooming them.



Birdie (tabby with white) and Bunnie (tabby) were my foster failures this year–meaning that I was fostering them, and ended up deciding to adopt them myself! Their original names were Laverne and Shirley, respectively, but the rescue mentioned that they already had a kitten named Shirley, and asked me to rename them. I landed on Birdie since she would sometimes sit on our shoulders like a bird, and on Bunnie since she would hop over whenever you got her attention. A fun fact: another family had applied to adopt these two and were at the end stages of the adoption process when they ended up pulling out. I felt so sad thinking about them leaving for another home, that I just knew I had to keep them. These two are such cuddlers and really won my heart over. They also get along so great with the residents, so it really ended up being a perfect match!

Birdie and Bunnie

Birdie and Bunnie

Kota (dog) is my first and only dog. I got him as a puppy, and he is now 4 years old. I picked his name for no specific reason, other than I really loved the sound of it! He grew up around cats and probably thinks he is a cat! He has been the perfect dog to get foster cats comfortable with dogs around them. In fact, Kota likes the company of cats way more than the company of other dogs. He follows me around everywhere, and I can’t imagine a life without him.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Leo?

Even though Leo always looks so majestic and serious in photos, he is a momma’s boy! He loves being held like a baby (belly up) on my lap, and also enjoys being held like a baby (swung over my shoulder) when I’m standing up.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Jane for taking the time to answer my questions about her pretty pets and for allowing me to share their images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. If you know another cat lover who would enjoy seeing Leo and his pretty housemates, don’t forget to share. And if you’d like to see even more of Leo, Lucy, Ori, Birdie, Bunnie, and Kota, be sure to check them out on Instagram.

All Images Courtesy of Leo Maine Coon on Instagram

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