Kitten Rescued From 33′ Underground By Good Samaritans

Kittens sure are cute, but sometimes they get into mischief which can land them in a whole lot of trouble. But it’s not their fault, because the world is an unfamiliar place and they must learn what is safe and what is not. For one tiny ginger and white kitten thought to be approximately five weeks of age, it took several good samaritans and nearly five hours to bring him to safety. But when they did, all that hard work to save him was well worth it.

Image Courtesy of HARTT on Facebook

None of this would have been possible without the rescue group called HARTT, Inc. (Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team). These compassionate animal lovers are comprised of a volunteer-based Arizona nonprofit organization that humanely captures lost family pets, homeless dogs, and homeless cats who are severely injured. Their services are called upon in the most intense rescue situations—like a tiny kitten which is trapped 33′ underground. 

The incident took place in Phoenix at Thomas Road and 67th Avenue. Cheryl Naumann, founder of HARTT, told Fox10 Phoenix news that, “When we first saw this situation, we felt it was almost hopeless.”

The amazing crew at work. Image courtesy of HARTT on Facebook

The HARTT team was able to verify with Sprint, the operator of the cell phone tower, that the conduit in which the kitten was trapped was a deadline. Then, that’s when the real work started to save the baby’s life.

After being stuck in the cell phone tower pipe for 3 long days, a team of 22 people with high tech and heavy equipment were able to free this little baby.

Watch the news coverage below that shows the heroic rescue of this poor kitten courtesy of Fox10 Phoenix:

The lucky kitten is now in the loving care of a foster family where he is safe from harm. Want to learn more about Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team and the amazing work that they do to help our animal friends in need? Check out their website here to learn more about who they are and what they do.

Image Courtesy of HARTT on Facebook

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