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UPDATE: Kitten Goes From Brrr To Purr After Being Saved By Police Officers

by Cattitude Daily

UPDATE – 12/17/2020

With the kitten safe, warm, and cleared by a veterinarian, all he needed was the perfect new family. Lucky for him, Officer Jones gladly volunteered to hand deliver him to his brand new family. The kitten now has plenty of people who care for him, and he’s ready for a new life thanks to the kind officers who saved his life and his loving new family.

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When it comes to the brave men and women in blue, oftentimes they have a soft spot in their hearts for our four-legged friends. So, when they come across an animal in need, they’ll do what they can to bring them to safety. For Officer Jones and Rodriguez of the Grand Prairie Police Department, they recently sprung into action to help out a tiny and fluffy kitten that was all alone out in the cold.

They’re not exactly sure how the little cutie wound up all alone like they did, but they knew they needed to act quickly to save them from the frigid temps that hovered around freezing. But, this curious kitten was eager to oblige—coming right up to the officers who wanted to help him out.

“He was so cold and scared but he walked right up to me. I picked him up and stuffed him in my jacket.”

That little meow is simply too cute for words!

The kitten was very warm and curious in the squad car, which definitely made for the purrfect photo opportunity. The Grand Prairie Police Department received several inquiries on the kitten after sharing the images on their social media accounts, and reminded their followers that while they get the kitten the health check it needs,there are always lots of kitties and cats looking for furever homes at Grand Prairie Paws Shelter” in Grand Prairie, Texas. Good job, Officer Jones and Rodriguez. This kitten is happy and safe thanks to your kindness!

All Images Courtesy of Grand Prairie Police Department on Twitter

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