Store Cats Named Haku & Roi Are Double The Purrfection

If there’s one place in the world where cats are truly adored, it’s Japan. And for two purrfectly adorable ginger tabby cats, they found a kindhearted woman in Japan with a heart for rescue cats in need. But what’s even cooler about these two cute cats who found their happily ever after, is that they get to help their cat mom with her antique shop business.

Haku and Roi Haku and Roi

From beautiful handwoven rugs to other cool and classy collectibles, Haku and Roi utilize their charm to make these great finds look even more purrfect. I caught up with their cat mom hoping to feature this adorable pair on the site, and thankful she agreed! So, keep reading to learn all about Haku and Roi….

What are your cats’ names?

Haku (right) and Roi (left). I like an animation called Kingdom with the motif of Chinese reunification. Many strong warlords appear in Kingdom. There is no warlord named Hakuroi, but I chose a name like him because I wanted him to grow up strong and cool. And Haku was named Haku because his hair was white and beautiful.

How did they come into your life?

I became their foster parent a year ago. They are two of five brothers. I decided, at first sight, to take over them. They were so cute!

How would you describe their personalities?

Haku is active, curious, and greedy. Roy is spoiled and at his own pace. Both of them love tuna. Also, they are sensitive to cold, so they sleep together in our beds at night.

Haku and Roi Haku and Roi

How do they get along with each other?

They always sleep and play together. They run around the house and patrol by the window together.

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about your cats?

They like stretching like yoga instructors. Also, they know their names, so as soon as I call them, they turn around and approach me.

Haku and Roi Haku and Roi

I’d like to give a special “arigatou” to Haku and Roi’s cat mom, Megumi, for allowing me to share her cats’ story and photos with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. If you’d like to see more of this purrfect pair, check them out here on Instagram. You can also check out the store they “work” at with their cat mom Antiques&Crafts880 on Instagram as well.

All Images Courtesy of hakuroi_0906 on Instagram

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