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Mustached Kitten Named Geronimo Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

by Cattitude Daily

If you’re anything like me, then you’re crazy about cats. I mean, they’re just so irresistibly adorable! Those fuzzy paws and twitchy whiskers, I could go on and on. For some cats, they stand out even more when they have identifiable markings that grab our immediate attention. For one spunky tuxedo kitten appropriately named Geronimo, he’s got personality for days matched with a super cool mustache. I caught up with his cat dad asking if I could feature this awesome kitten on my website, and thankfully he agreed.

So, everyone, meet Geronimo—and learn all about him below!

Geronimo as a wee kitten

How did Geronimo come into your life?

I lost my other cat of 7 years to fluid in his spine, he was no longer able to walk. Vet suggested best thing for him was to put him down. Very hard to deal with so, I needed a cat back into my life. One of my friends friend happened to have a litter. I had to wait a few weeks for him to come home.

How did Geronimo get his name?

I named him after I got him home, he napped ate then napped. When he woke up he ran a jumped off the edge of my bed down to the floor. It’s pretty high and I was like Geronimo as in yay that looked fun. Then I looked it up and it stuck.

What is personality like?

It like he has 3 different personalities: spazzy, cuddly, playful.

Does he have any other cat or dog housemates at home?

No other animals in the apartment.

What are his favorite hobbies?

He loves playing on his tower. He likes bringing his toys up to the top…and he loves playing between the shower curtains when I’m showering and he comes into the tub, but he only likes his paws and tail wet.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Geronimo?

After I got him my neighbor also decided to get a kitten. Her name is Pocahontas, they love playing together. 

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Geronimo’s cat dad for allowing me to share his story and images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. If you know someone who could use a smile, share this purrfect cutie pie with them!

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