Rescued Cat Bros Charlie And Sylvester Are Full Of Personality And Cattitude

When it comes to cats, there’s just something special about tuxedo cats that many of us cat lovers can’t get enough of. They’ve got personality for days, cattitude for centuries, but oftentimes, they are some of the most loyal and dedicated cats of all—with affection strictly on their terms, of course! While feasting my eyes over images of lovely tuxedo cats in the Tuxedo Cat Lovers group on Facebook, I came across two handsome cat brothers that immediately caught my attention. I was able to catch up with their owner, and something tells me that you’ll adore Charlie and Sylvester just as much as I do!

How did Charlie and Sylvester come into your life?

My husband and I both love cats and wanted to get two as soon as we bought a house in New Zealand and were finally allowed to have pets. We went to Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe and met several lovely cats there. We met Charlie and Sylvester there and it was love at first sight. 

Photo of Charlie and Sylvester as kittens before they were adopted: 

Charlie &b Sylvester

Charlie and Sylvester soon after we adopted them: 

Charlie & Sylvester

How did you come up with their names?

After we met them, we chose names that seemed to fit their personalities perfectly. 

Sylvester has a white mouth like the Walt Disney cartoon character. 

Photo of Sylvester:


Charlie just sounds very cute and innocent, which is exactly what Charlie is like.

Photo of Charlie: (aka Lord Charles, Duke of Wallaceville)


Can you describe each of their personalities?

Sylvester is super intelligent and stares deep into your soul. We always feel like he is not really a cat deep inside but a person. Sometimes he creeps us out like that haha! He is ALWAYS in the mood for snacks and will take any opportunity to get hold of a piece of food. Sylvester drove us nuts as a kitten because he would literally try and climb into your food plate to try and get food from you. Thankfully, he has calmed down a bit now but he still takes chances every now and then. He is my little shadow and follows me all over the house. Whenever I turn around to look behind me I see those little yellow eyes staring at me. He is very gentle and affectionate, although he does not enjoy being picked up and will kick you in the stomach to get out of your arms if you are not careful. Yet at night he sleeps on me and cuddles with me. 

Photo of Sylvester staring at me through the flowers while I try to work: 


Charlie is also very gentle and sweet. He is very sensitive to loud noises and dives under the nearest couch if he gets scared. Charlie likes to have chats and makes all sorts of interesting noises that I still honestly can’t figure out exactly what he is saying to be. But he makes it very clear that he is pleased to see you and that he wants affection. Charlie loves being picked up and gives THE BEST kitty hugs. He also makes a superb afternoon napping buddy. We laugh at him often because he does not seem to be the smartest cat around and does silly things sometimes where you wonder “What were you thinking?”. And he also really enjoys tapping things off counters until it falls on the floor and gives me a heart attack when I hear a big smash sound in another room. Charlie enjoys being brushed until all his loose hair is gone, but don’t you dare try and trim his nails. Blood will be shed!! 

Photo of Charlie taking a nap next to me:


How would you rate their cattitude?

10/10! They are amazing companions and tick all the quirky kitty boxes for things you want in a cat, and more. I really enjoy their personalities and can’t imagine my life without them.

Charlie & Sylvester

What’s something special you’d like for others to know about Charlie and Sylvester?

They are obsessed with opening drawers and closed doors!! They look through the drawers and remove items and then drop it somewhere else in the house. WHY??? You can not go to the toilet with a closed door. They will cry in front of the door until you open it.

Charlie & SylvesterI want to give a special “thank you” to Charlie and Sylvester’s cat mom, Jeanne-Mari, for allowing me to share her cats’ stories and images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. I’m glad this pair found their happy ending together with cat parents who give them all the love they could ever want.

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