Special Needs Cat Is Living His Best Life Thanks To One Special Lady

In my line of work, I read cat stories on the internet every single day. And chances are, if you’re a bonafide cat person, you do too! Sometimes there are stories that bring us hope and reassure us that perseverance and love can go a really long way. This is one of those stories. Everyone, meet Dobby.  He has a unique story of his own to tell. But that story wouldn’t be possible if not for Lindsey, a true cat lover who dedicates her time to fostering cats and kittens in need of a home, love, and care.

Lindsey shared her story with me about Dobby, a foster fail kitten that stole her heart and she hopes that he can make others smile, too:

“I had been fostering cats and kittens last year. Dobby and his Momma came to me as refugees from the extreme flooding in Kentucky. When rescuers found Momma, Dobby was the only kitten left alive—although she’d been trying to save them all. Both of them had health issues due to the ordeal they went through.

Dobby as a baby with his mama
After consulting our vet of 20 years along with other veterinary professionals, I was told that I should put him down because he only had one chance at survival. A very risky, and not often performed surgery to remove the part of his lower jaw and joint that was fusing together.
There was only only Vet within 1000 miles of my home that would even attempt the surgery… a professor from University of Tennessee Veterinary College. In a combined 80 years of practice (over 100 years of study) between the two senior doctors they’d only seen such a surgery done 4 times; and only once on a cat.
Dobby kitten
How could you not instantly fall in love with this precious baby?!?
They also advised me to put him down as the surgery would start at $6,000. But I had committed to adopting Dobby and his momma and wouldn’t give up on him. So we did the surgery.”

A scan from Dobby’s first surgery:

Dobby pulled through the first surgery like a champ and the little fighter that he is, Lindsey says. The two were elated and pleased to go home to begin the recovery process. 

But then, more bad news for little Dobby: his jaw kept continuing to fuse shut.

Even after another surgery, Dobby is still a happy boy…

This called for him to undergo even more surgeries at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Three more to be exact. In the end,  75% of his lower jaw, all his lower remaining teeth, and 3 upper teeth needed to be removed in order for him to survive. Dobby might be a special needs cat, but he is still the same happy-go-lucky kitten he was from the moment Lindsey first met him.

2019 might have been a rough year for sweet Dobby, but it ended with him being able to be back at home. He even got to see his very first Christmas tree and loved every minute of it. When Dobby isn’t at home with Lindsey, he travels with her for work as she’s a photographer.

Lindsey knows that he needs special attention and care, and she doesn’t mind at all bringing him along for the ride. Together, Lindsey and Dobby bond over their shared adventures together.

In order to meet his recommended food rations for the day, Dobby eats a special purée food 8 times a day (away from my other 10 rescue kitties). So, when Dobby the traveling kitty is back at home, he has plenty of other feline friends to play with!

I just love Dobby’s amazing story fueled by love, and not to mention that beautiful white coat and unique markings. Here’s to a smooth road to recovery and lots of happy memories for him and Lindsey. I’d like to give a special thank you to Lindsey for reaching out and sharing Dobby’s story with us—it’s truly inspiring! 🙂 

All Images Courtesy of Lindsey Lawson



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