Cool & Funny Cat Dad Gifts from His Fur Baby

Key Points

  • If you know a proud cat dad, consider a cat dad gift for their next birthday or holiday.
  • Cat dad gifts are incredibly thoughtful around Father’s Day.
  • Personalized and funny gifts create cherished moments that beat giving generic gift cards.

Families look different for everyone, including parents, siblings, children, pets, and more! In 2023, pets are a prominent figure in most households, with cats and dogs listed as the most popular — and yes, most refer to their pet as a family member. Seventy-six percent of people with cats consider their feline part of the family.

Cat dads, or men who own cats, are growing in numbers and pride. They naturally love gifts that represent their affection for their furry felines. For men who are proud cat owners, you can celebrate their cat dad status with cool gifts for them to enjoy any day. Cat dad gifts are especially thoughtful and fun around Father’s Day.

But what’s the perfect gift idea? Start by thinking about his personality and the kinds of things he appreciates, then find more inspiration with these funny cat dad gifts he’s sure to love.

Cool Presents to Give a Cat Owner

The best gift ideas for cat lovers let them express that love every day, and presents for guys are no exception. Get off to a great start by picking a comfortable T-shirt for him to wear around the house or out and about. Like any good cat dad, he buys excessive toys for his feline friend, and a vintage “Best Cat Dad Ever” tee helps him look the part.

Companies will put a cat’s name or picture on the T-shirt, so everyone knows exactly which animal has his heart. When he inevitably has to wear a jacket over his shirt, keep him covered with a Cat Dad baseball hat. 

These tees and accessories let everyone know he has a cat to get home to, which means there’s a time limit on this holiday party, work gathering, or grocery store trip. Once he gets back home from doing errands or attending these meetings, he’s almost guaranteed to take out his kitten coffee mug to make it extra clear: He likes cats more than people.

There are tons of clever sayings on coffee mugs for cat dads. Go for a play on words with “I Love You Dad, A Hole Lot” with a cartoon kitty showing its bum to you (as cats are notorious for doing). 

Don’t forget to pick out an insulated tumbler with feline themes. Having a cat tumbler in hand makes it a little easier to say bye to those precious eyes watching him go. Wrap up a travel mug or tumbler for him to remind everyone that he’s the Best Cat Dad Ever. 

For something fun to do, get him an adult coloring book that celebrates cats. Even his furry friend will have a great time knocking his colored pencils to the floor.

If you’re feeling merciful, give him a diversion for his mischievous cat with Twice Mice cat toys. A little break to be creative and spend quality time with his cat goes a long way toward brightening his day.

Personalized Cat Dad Gifts to Wow Him

Putting pictures with his pet’s name on something is a wonderful gesture, but if you want to go all in, get him a painting of his kitty as royalty. This present goes above and beyond to amaze him and get a good laugh.

A team of artists at Crown and Paw finds the best regal atmosphere in art from eras past and uses that to create the painting of his pet using modern techniques. It’s an easy surprise gift, too, since every cat fan is always happy to share photos if you ask—and sometimes even if you don’t.

Get a set of fancy paintings for the crazy cat dad you know to ensure you’re not playing favorites with his flock of felines. Lean into the royal angle by getting his fur baby (or babies) a Cattitude play tower to watch over their domain.

Cat Dad Gift Baskets

Maybe moderation isn’t his style or yours. Why not make a cat-lover gift basket for him using these present ideas to get you started? Toss in more gifts for his pet so his number-one friend is in on the fun. Combo presents like this are especially good for major holidays that let you celebrate him and his cat.

Staying Hydrated in Style

If you’re eyeing the mugs as the best cat dad gifts for him, toss in his favorite coffee to round off the present. Swap coffee out for any beverage he can’t get enough of. Sample packs of tea or hot cocoa do the trick too.

Loop his kitty in on this with a cat water fountain. Not only do these store more water, but they also invite animals to drink more often and stay hydrated. Share the benefits of water fountains with him if you want to add a trivia feel to your gift basket.

New Cat Dads

Help him be the best feline father! An indoor pet house works great for giving his kitty more places to doze cutely, which means more opportunities to snap tons of pictures to share with the world!

Find a subtle way to ask if his new pet is nervous or gets stressed during storms. If so, Comfort Zone diffusers will encourage the kitty to relax and put them both at ease.

Create a collection of cool cat facts to make it more educational and fun. Your thoughtfulness in preparing him for cat fatherhood won’t go unnoticed.

Favorite Cat Breed

Some people adore a specific type of cat, whether a calico, tuxedo, Siamese, or another breed. Lucky for you, they’re not alone. There are loads of cool gifts online that praise different cat breeds

Catering to a cat dad’s quirks and needs makes a cat owner’s gift basket feel more personal to him. For example, Bengal cats love water, and sphynx cats need to keep warm with blankets, sweaters, and heated pads.

Never Too Many Cats

There’s not enough appreciation for crazy cat dad lifestyles. Why shouldn’t he have a small cat collection to cherish?

Do him a favor and show him the latest in litter technology with a self-cleaning litter box. The furry hoard at his home gets a fresh box, and he has extra help cleaning it thanks to the automated system.

Playhouses and interactive toys will also ensure his furry family stays active and happy.

Work-From-Home (WFH) Companion

Remote and hybrid work trends mean he has more time than ever with his feline best friend. Encourage his favorite animal to hang around in his office without sitting on the keyboard by giving him this cat penthouse that looks out the window.

On his breaks, petting his cozy kitty is as easy as reaching inside. Cat mugs are another great WFH present in this gift basket for him.

Fancy Felines

If he pampers his pet, the best of the best for cat merchandise is the way to go. Get top-rated cat products that will show how much he loves them.

You want to spoil him, too, so add his favorite foods or drinks with gift cards or tickets to an experience he enjoys. The fancier, the better with this gift basket.

One idea is to get him high-quality alcohol and some plush wine bottle cat toys for his pet too. Tailor these items to him and his furry friend!

Who Rescued Who?

The cat dad, who makes it a point always to adopt, is proud to give these pets a forever home. Let him show that with car magnets that say “Adopt, Don’t Shop” and more fun graphic shirts for rescuers.

Part of the pet rescue lifestyle is remembering that his feline did as much for him as he did for them. His beloved pet deserves to have treats in this gift too. Get a cat house for indoor or outdoor use, depending on his cat’s needs.

Kitty and Me

Maybe he dresses his cat up or gets blankets just for them to curl up on or under. Take this to the next level by giving him a matching outfit with his cat. Bowtie cat collars let him dress for formal pictures with his pet too.

A small bed frame for his feline is also adorable, and it’s cuter than ever with small blankets in his favorite color.

Found Family

If there’s a cat mom in the picture and this present is for all of them to share, don’t worry! Most gifts for men who own cats have a version for women too. Whether you get shirts for them to create a family photo with coordinated outfits or make everything unique to each of them and their cat, it’s easy to build your cat-themed gift basket for the whole family.

Best Cat Dad Gift Ideas for Any Meow-ment

Now that you’re inspired to create the greatest gift he’s ever gotten, follow it up with getting informed about the sweet animals he cares so much about.

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