Company Transforms Your Cat Into Feline Royalty

Although my cats are not descendants of royalty, they could have fooled me sometimes. I have one cat in particular who is regal and always makes me cater to him, and like a good human servant I do it for the slim chance he’ll decide to dole his limited affection onto me. For the good folks at Crown and Paw, they’re dedicated to turning your cat—or any pet you have!—into a royal work of art!

Check out these cool cats turned into royals, and consider transforming your kitty into one, too!

About Crown and Paw

Crown & Paw is a fun-loving custom pet goods brand dedicated to helping pet owners express their love, adoration, and sometimes even their obsessiveness, with their beloved pets.
We curate authentic 19th century portraits and rare Renaissance era oil paintings and combine them with pets of all shapes and sizes. You upload a photo, and our incredibly talented team of artists will do the rest.

Here’s How Crown and Paw Works:

Select your portrait style, upload your image following their recommended photo guidelines, then simply add it to your cart and place your order!

Atchoum looks so regal as a royal!


Expert designers handle your personalized pet portrait with care and close attention to even the smallest details. They offer “transformative photo retouching and professional blending processes” via their digital design team. And once it’s ready, your art receives a thorough in-house quality check.


Once everything is perfect, they print your pet art masterpiece on your selection of choice. Then, it’s carefully packaged and shipped to you with parcel tracking for your order.

And there you go, feline royalty delivered straight to your front door for you to display proudly in your home!

This British Shorthair makes for one handsome royal!

This ginger Scottish Fold is royal purrfection!

Curious on the inspiration behind this rad royal project? Well, it all started on a rainy weekend in Amsterdam, says the company’s owner:

“Crown & Paw began as a passion project… We spent a rainy weekend in Amsterdam, riding bicycles down the picturesque canals, eating tasty waffles and pancakes, and visiting some of the most beautiful art galleries in the world such as the Stedelijk and the Rijksmuseum.”

So, will they really turn anyone’s pet into a custom royal work of art? Yep! They’ve created unique masterpieces of cats, dogs, birds, horses, snakes, micro pigs and even hedgehogs! See some cool creations of other species below…

We think Crown and Paw is pretty cool! Share this cool idea with anyone you know who’d love to see their pet turned into royalty! 

All Images Courtesy of Crown and Paw

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