Coat Care Tips For Long-Haired Cats

We’ve all seen those beautiful, long-haired cats before. They just look so soft you just want to snuggle them right up! (Okay, so that may just be my own response to every cat, of any sort.) Have you ever spotted one of those gorgeous long-haired cats and wondered how its coat stays so beautiful? Some cats’ coats can really rival even the glossiest of hair on human models. Read on for some coat care tips for long-haired cats to help your kitty’s mane stay in ravishing shape.

long-haired cat coat tips

Nutrition is Important For Long-Haired Cats

Buying quality pet food is critical for any type of cat, whether it’s longhaired or has shorter hair. Long-haired cats can really benefit from quality cat food that fulfills their needs for vitamins and minerals, so be sure that you’re buying your feline friend nutritious food. You may also want to focus on food or treats that help control hairballs, since your kitty has plenty of hair and will naturally ingest more than short-haired cats.

All About Grooming

Yes, cats are fastidious creatures with a general instinct to clean their own fur many times each day. Long-haired cats are a bit different in that they may need some help keeping their coats in tip-top shape. Humans who have the privilege of living with a longhaired cat should brush their feline’s fur coat every single day. Most cats derive benefits from regular brushing, but don’t necessarily require it every day. Long-haired cats can be more prone to experiencing tangles in their fur, and daily brushing will really help cut back on that. Not sure what brush to try? Here’s our recommendation!

long-haired cat coat tips

Look for Tangles or Matted Fur

When you’re brushing your cat, be sure to keep an eye out for any tangles or matted fur. Daily brushing will really help you keep up with this since you’ll be spending some quality time grooming your cat and can spot tangles before they become a big problem. Generally speaking, you can likely handle trimming out a bit of tangled fur if your kitty mussed up her mane a bit. However, it’s best to bring in your veterinarian if the fur is matted or if you’re seeing lots of tangled fur in your kitty’s coat. Cutting out too much fur or cutting the fur too close to the skin can pose some problems if you’re not experienced.

Is Shaving My Long-Haired Cat a Good Idea?

When daily brushing and proactive tangle patrol just aren’t cutting it, you may need to consider whether your cat would benefit from a trip to the groomer for a shave. This is another thing you won’t want to attempt to do on your own. After all, long-haired cats are meant to have glorious fur and shaving it off can make them uncomfortable or downright panicky. Before considering shaving your cat, read our article on the subject here.

Caring for long-haired cats might be a bit more involved thanks to the need for daily brushing and taking care of tangles, but don’t let that stop you from adopting a long-haired feline. With the proper nutrition and a bit of help from her human, your long-haired cat’s fur coat can look and feel healthy and amazing.

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