Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Consider Shaving Your Cat

I am a huge fan of the fluff that cats have. And not to discriminate, but I love hairless cats, too. (Okay, okay, really, I just love all cats!) But, when it comes to cats, it seems that there are owners who think that it’s a good idea to shave them. Of course, I understand when cats are shaved because of health reasons. But, when it comes to ridding your feline friend of their glorious coat, please consider these factors first.

things to consider before shaving your cat

Shaving your cat stresses them out

There are many cat owners who think that lion cuts are cute. But what does your cat think about that? Imagine you’re a cat for a moment. All of a sudden you’re put into a carrier. Okay, is this another one of those visits where they poke and prod me? Where are they taking me? And then, all of a sudden, you’re at a grooming facility. Cats are not fans of loud noises, strange places, or change. So, while you think that lion cut sure is cute, think of the stress you’re putting your cat through for your amusement. Please, don’t shave your kitty unless it’s absolutely necessary for medical reasons, because it will bring them unneeded stress.

There are more effective ways to eliminate shedding

No cat owner is a fan of hairballs—and your cat isn’t either. By routinely grooming your cat, this helps to eliminate excess hair. It doesn’t matter the length of your cat’s coat, shedding and hairballs are an inevitable part of cat ownership. To help your cat out, regular brushing is something you can implement. It’s great because it will strengthen the bond that you share with your cat and it feels good for them as the little bristles gently run along their body. I brush all three of my cats, and they all come right up to me when they see the brush come out. It’s not expensive or time-consuming, and it will most certainly help to reduce those hairballs, too. Shaving your cat is not a recommended grooming ritual that’s suggested by professionals who truly have a cat’s best interest in mind. It’s ridding them of all their hair all at once. Not only does it feel uncomfortable to them, but it directly puts them at risk of developing a sunburn.

Mr. Purple, my fluffy boy.

Your cat’s coat actually serves to cool them

I am the proud owner of a rescued Maine Coon mix cat named Mr. Purple. When it comes to my large kitty, one of the most admirable physical traits that he has is his majestic and fluffy orange coat. I live in Southeast Texas, and I think that it goes without saying that it gets hot here. But regardless of heat, your cat’s coat is a truly amazing thing. There are layers of fur, cats can have up to three, and those layers serve an important purpose—to keep your cat warm, AND cool. By eliminating those hairs, you’re actually not cooling off your cat. It confuses their bodies, and if anything, your cat will be cold. Remember, our cats simply love to be warm. So, what might feel way toasty for you can feel oh-so-nice to them. 

Shaving a cat’s coat CAN help when these issues arise

For a cat which is obese, it is quite difficult for them to groom themselves properly in those hard to reach spots. And cats which have been rescued and are heavily matted have no means at which to properly groom themselves. There are also instances in which a long-haired cat is simply refusing to keep their grooming routine in check which has resulted in a poor coat quality. And, obviously, a cat which is being prepped for surgery will need to have the area shaved prior to the procedure taking place. There are also skin issues which can receive a diagnosis of having your cat shaved but this situation is quite rare. Remember, these are all situations in which having the cat shaved is beneficial to their health. And that should always be the deciding factor if you ask me.

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shaving your cat

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