Artist Transforms Cats Into DC & Marvel Characters

In light of the recent popularity of superhero movies, it seems that superhero stuff is everywhere you look. I wouldn’t consider myself a huge superhero movie lover, but I will admit, I have watched several and liked some of them a great deal. And if you add cat twist to anything, chances are with all the cat lovers around the world, more people will enjoy it!

Fajareka Setiawan is a digital illustrator and concept artist who designs super interesting and eye-catching art. If you’re a fan of the Deadpool series, The Avengers and/or any of the DC superheroes and villains, well you’re in for a treat.

We promise, these DC & Marvel characters have never looked so purrfect before. Check out Fajareka’s amazingly illustrated designs below!

Are you a fan of Ant Man and Ant Man and the Wasp starring Paul Rudd? These are by FAR my favorite, if you haven’t seen them, purrlease do!

ant man

What about Cat Man!

Cat Man

And who doesn’t like Deadpool? It’s as if Ryan Reynolds was born to play “the merc with a mouth”…


But, what about Catpool? Sounds right up my alley, too…

Are you a Spider-man fan? Peter Parker is a favorite of many, despite who is playing him on screen…


But, of course, Spider-Cat is here to steal the show. Move over, Spidey, you don’t want to get caught up in this cat’s catnip web!

Do you like Venom? I think I just LOVE Tom Hardy and anything he’s in, so the Venom flick is cool in my book…

Venom tom hardy

I mean, cats already have a dark side to them at times, right? Seems befitting… Introducing: Venom Cat!

Black Panther captivated audiences worldwide when he got his own film in 2018…

But, as we all know, cats are the masters at stealing the show. Wakanda FUREVER!

Jason Momoa needs no introduction. That’s all I’m saying. But in case you didn’t know, he plays Aquaman…and there’s a sequel set to release in December 2022, not that I’m counting down the days or anything…

Well, this might seem a bit ironic seeing as cats would probably rather put fish in their mouth than swim next to them, but behold, AquaCat is here to save the ocean!


Josh Brolin is an incredible actor, and his voice alone can give any villain the ability to send chills up our spine. Despite the fact that Thanos is like super duper huge, his voice makes him uber powerful, too!

But you know who else is effortlessly super powerful, a cat! Meet Cathanos…

So many actors have portrayed the Joker, including Joaquin Phoenix most recently…

But, cats do it better, each and every time! Why so serious, kitty kitty?!

Which one of these was your favorite? I’m having trouble deciding! Know anyone who’s a fan of Marvel, DC, and cats? Share this with them, so they can get a kick out of it, too!

All Images Courtesy of Fajareka Setiawan on Instagram

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