Cats Have Spoken: They Are Not Fans Of The Cat Face Filter

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but such is not the case when it comes to our feline friends. I’m sure you’ve meowed back at your cat before. The look that they send your way is usually one of utter disapproval or perhaps total confusement. Recently, Snapchat rolled out a cat filter that’s been an instant hit with users. And while it’s been a hit with the social media savvy youngsters of today, cats are not fans of it. Not even a little bit. Not even at all! The cat face filter is a thing of cat nightmares, given their bewildered and terrified expressions.

So much so, that users sharing videos of themselves unveiling their cat face filters to their cats is causing quite a stir online. It’s all in good fun, you would think, but these disapproving and completely confused cats say otherwise. I personally wouldn’t do this to my cat, but I’m also middle aged and not a Snapchat user. So, to each their own, really!

We’ve gathered some of the best actual cat versus cat filter ones for you below…

These cats are not having it!

And this black and white cat? He straight up is not having any of this cat face filter nonsense!

This little cat face filter versus cat compilation courtesy of LAD Bible is rather entertaining. The white kitty looks as if he’s seen a ghost!

Curious what dogs would think of the cat face filter? There’s a compilation of that, too. As you can see, the dogs are confused but nowhere nearly as alarmed as the cats are…

The cat face filter is also available on TikTok, but either way users find ways to transform themselves into cats, felines are not having any of it. Either alarmed or completely unamused, cats are doing what cats do best and displaying clear disapproval of the cat face filter shenanigans.

It seems that one cat didn’t seem to mind so much, so maybe all cats don’t actually hate the feline filter after all…

Would you try this with your cat? I know if I did, my cat would likely serve me up with a fresh dose of cattitude if I even so much as thought about it!

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