Cats And Glass Tables: A Purrfect Match

We know that cats love to perch. And they are also the connoisseurs of comfort, too. While we might not think to post up on a glass table, to your cat, this is an ideal spot in your home. Cats love to situate themselves up high, giving themselves a clear view over their surroundings. But when it's glass tables that are cats choose to situate themselves on, sometimes the results are endlessly entertaining—and photo worthy.

Want to see some silly photos of cats and glass tables? Well, then you've landed in the right place.

cats and glass If you don't already have a glass table in your home, you might want to consider getting one after seeing all these cute cat photos. I love those dark toe beans! cats and glass Holding down the fort… cats and glass tables Bread loafing cats, anyone? cats and glass tables Can I help you? cats and glass "Eye" see you! cats and glass tables Toe beans. That is all. cats and glass tables We are watching your every move, human… Image result for cats and glass tables This piggy went to the market… cats and glass tables Sphynx belly undershot… cats and glass All the fluff! cats and glass tables Kitten under table belly! I love how glass makes cats appear as if they're floating! Not a table, more like a skylight. Hopefully, they got kitty down shortly thereafter… cats and glass And don't forget cats love those glass bowls, too! Although it's clear, cats love being snug, much like the feeling they get when they camp out in boxes.

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