Photographer Captures Images Of Cats Standing And They’re Purrfect

As any cat lover knows, cats are super photogenic. Their stillness and effortless beauty make them purrfect subjects for just about anyone behind the lens, especially professional photographers! Swiss photographer Alexis Reynaud interestingly captured cats in all their glory, and the results of them standing up is too clever! We know that cats walk on all fours, but in these images, cats are standing proud and tall!

Check them some of the images from the Standing Cats series below…

The influence behind the series “Standing Cats” came to the photographer courtesy of a beloved cartoon cat in boots…

About the photographer, Alexis Reynaud

Alexis Reynaud is a Swiss photographer, who became known for his book “Genève, Voyage Urbain”. His work has been shown in Art Basel Selection, Kiaf/11 Seoul and Scope Basel, as well as in several galleries and art fairs across Paris, Hong Kong and Zurich.

His photography work showcases, most notably, petrified wood that evokes aerial maps and nude, darkened bodies captured by the elegance that existed in bronze status marked by and frozen in time.

His work has created a path between the visible and the indescribable. It unites these two elements through a dreamlike canvas, and challenges us on what we think is real by offering us alternating viewpoints.

Alexis Reynaud’s photography work is part of private and public collections.

If you’d like to see more of Reynauld’s work, visit his photography website here!

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