Cat Friendly Dog Breeds For Your Feline Friend

One of the most stereotypical images out there just might be an image of a dog chasing a cat up a tree. Notoriously, dogs and cats don’t always get along with each other. But what if you love both cats and dogs, and would like to provide one (or more!) of each a loving home? You can make this work! If you’re considering adopting a dog and have cats or plan to have cats as well, you’ll want to consider specific dog breeds. Here are a few cat-friendly dog breeds to help make your multi-pet transition a smoother one.

cat-friendly dog breeds

Understanding Breed Groups

First, you will want to understand that there are different groups of dog breeds. Within those breed groups are different types of dogs. Various breeds will have differing personalities and traits, in general. The American Kennel Club (AKC) notes that these breed groups can have a big impact on whether you cat will get along with a new dog. There are some groups that are more likely to shine than others in this situation.

Toy Group

Toy dogs are surprisingly a good bet for being more cat friendly than other breeds. You may be familiar with Chihuahuas and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, both of which are classic examples of a toy breed. Generally speaking, these breeds offer a little more love and are more inclined to be social animals. These breeds were produced to be snuggly, friendly animals.  This fact could translate into their being more accepting of a cat in the house.

cat friendly dog breeds

Sporting Group

Dogs within the Sporting Group are also great pet options for households that are feline-friendly. Cocker Spaniels are a classic example of a friendly, laid back type of dog within this particular grouping. Golden Retrievers are another dog considered to be pretty chill. As a kid, my family had a wonderful Golden Retriever who put up with a cranky old cat’s antics pretty well.

Dog Personalities

We now know that a couple of groups of dog breeds tend to be more friendly to cats. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t adopt other types of dogs outside those groups. Dogs have lots of personality and each one has its own quirks, just like our lovable feline companions. Some Golden Retrievers for example may not be as patient with cats. Some German Shepherds may absolutely adore having feline housemates.

Animal Shelters

If you’re considering adopting a dog from an animal shelter, be sure to ask the staff how the dog gets along with cats. They will be knowledgeable about each dog’s habits and preferences for cats versus cat-free households. You may be surprised to find that oftentimes at shelters, there are dogs in need of homes who prefer homes with cats. Dogs don’t always get along with one another, and a cat-friendly dog could be the perfect new addition to your home if you happen to love dogs, too.

Cats and Dogs at Home

Keep an open mind and an open heart when considering dog breeds. Make sure you take into account the needs of your existing and potential animal companions. That way, you’ll help ensure that any type of dog you bring into your home will have a better experience. Your cat will also appreciate the time you took to investigate this matter, though he definitely wouldn’t let you know that.

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