Cat Breeds Known For Their Fluffy Tails

Cats use their tails for everything from communication to balance. They wag, twitch, and can even serve as the occasional play thing. Cat tails can be long and skinny, short or stubby, and some of our favorites are big and bushy. There’s just something majestic and adorable about cats with big fluffy tails. Lucky for us, there are more than a few cat breeds known for their impressive-looking tails. The cats on this list are purebreds, but that doesn’t mean mixed breed cats can’t also have the fluffiest tails. Regardless, we can’t help but fall in love with these bushy-tailed felines.

1. Maine Coon

fluffy tails

This giant of a cat breed has several stand-out characteristics. Not only is the Maine Coon one of the largest cat breeds out there, it’s also revered for its big, fluffy tail. In fact, a silver Maine Coon named Cygnus Regulus Powers currently holds the record for having the longest domestic feline tail. And it’s not only long, it’s also gloriously fluffy.

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest cat breeds from North America, and their long fur was meant to keep them warm in cold weather. Their long fluffy tails were a big part of this. These big cats wrap their luxurious tails all the way around their bodies to help them stay warm.

2. Ragdoll

fluffy tails

The Ragdoll is another large cat breed favored among all cat lovers. Their most distinctive characteristic is how they go limp whenever they’re picked up (hence the name Ragdoll). But you can’t forget about their big fluffy tails. Ragdolls have beautiful long hair all over, and it all comes together on their perfectly fuzzy tails.

Ragdolls have naturally light fur with a pointed pattern that usually leaves their long tails darker than the rest of the body. The gradient from light to dark makes these cats even more stunning, and their tails are worth admiring.

3. Turkish Angora

As one of the more rare cat breeds in North America, the Turkish Angora is sometimes mistaken for other long-haired cat breeds. Don’t be fooled, however. This medium-sized cat has a dedicated group of followers. They can be all white, chocolate, lavender or Himalayan patterned, and they have fluffy tails to match.

While the length of a Turkish Angora’s body fur can vary, their tails are where you can truly appreciate their silky softness. Their tails are typically long and end in a full and luxurious brush.

4. Persian

fluffy tails

Persians are easily recognized by their flat faces, and they’re also majestically fluffy. Unlike other long-haired cat breeds, a Persian’s tail fur is generally more course than their body fur. Their thick fur came in handy when the earliest Persians were living in the cold mountains, and breeders have kept the trait alive by favoring the fluffiest of the fluffy.

Persians have thick, bushy tails that could easily sweep your floor and get caught in every stick found in your yard. Some even have tails with interesting kinks and curls.

5. Somali

As the long-haired version of the Abyssinian, the Somali cat breed is often called the “fox cat.” The nickname is mostly due to their pretty fluffy tails and big ears. They have double coats that are luxuriously thick and come in colors including ruddy, red, blue, or fawn.

Not only is the Somali’s tail thick and fluffy, it also plays a role in the breed’s natural grace and athleticism. They are especially alert felines with strong muscle development and a lot of energy. They use those fluffy tails when they’re climbing kitchen cabinets, jumping between chairs, and doing everything else their active minds and fit bodies demand.

While we love all kinds of cats, we have to admit that fluffy tails are hard to resist. They require a little more grooming, but running your fingers through that silky fur (if your cat allows it) is always worth it.

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