Cat Attacks Postal Carrier Every Day, And The Videos Are Hilarious

While a territorial dog is the average mail carrier’s arch-enemy, this Canadian cat is showing all canines what it really takes to protect the homestead. Every day, this feisty tuxedo cat knows she has one job to do—make sure the scary mail carrier doesn’t get inside! And while she hisses and swats her heart out from behind the glass, postal carrier Debra Anderson just keeps coming back. The brave woman even says the attack cat is the best part of her day, and we can definitely see why.

Anderson has posted videos of her daily encounter with Jasmin the attack cat. And while she says she’s pretty sure the cat wants to kill her, she can’t help but laugh it off. She said,

“‘(I’m) pretty sure it would rip my face off if the glass window didn’t keep her in.’

Every day, Jasmin seems to wait for the clang of the mailbox. And when she hears that sound, she leaps up to the window to show Anderson exactly who’s boss. It would be scary if the glass window wasn’t there for protection, but Anderson thinks the cat actually enjoys the attention. The attack goes on for as long as Anderson stands outside, and Jasmin never misses a day. Anderson says this cat is scarier than any dog she’s encountered, but she actually looks forward to it. There are few things as exciting in life as trying to do your job with a hostile cat doing their best to scare you away. She knows Jasmin can’t hurt herself behind the glass, and overall, she’s respectful of the cat’s wishes.

Anderson has no idea what happened to the attack cat to make her hate the mail. Or maybe it’s more personal and the cat doesn’t like the mail carrier’s choice of sunglasses. Either way, the relationship between Anderson and the feistiest cat on her route is definitely an interesting one. It makes us wonder if the cat has similar feelings for other visitors like Girl Scouts selling cookies or the Amazon delivery person. Let’s just hope for everyone’s sake that that window always stays closed.

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