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For The Past 7 Years, This Cat And Horse Have Been Inseparable

by Cattitude Daily

As we know in life, friends come in all shapes and sizes. Horses and cats have strikingly similar personalities, so it comes as no surprise to us about the story of Champy the horse and Morris the cat. The two were first introduced seven years ago when Morris was adopted from a local animal shelter in Australia where his now owner, Jennifer, lives. She recently shared with Bored Panda the story of her interspecies animal BFFs and it’s just so sweet!

I went into an animal shelter one day and Morris was sitting in a cage staring at me, he wouldn’t take his eyes off me, I was his chosen human. He was born at the shelter and was about 9 months old when I took him home. I still can’t believe no one wanted him, he’s the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet. I already had Champy who was about 12 months old.

I introduced them and Champy instantly fell in love with Morris and knew they’d be best friends. Morris, however, took a few days to convince probably because of Champy’s size but after a few days of Champy hanging out with him, and not taking no for an answer Morris jumped up on his back and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Although Morris often goes riding they also love grooming each other, catnapping together, drinking from the horse trough together, and lots of smooching and being silly together. One of the most commonly asked questions I get is how does Morris jump onto Champy? Typically it’s via a fence post that’s been nicknamed the bus stop.

Morris’ mounting post—AKA the “bus stop”…

Since their human mom started sharing images of the two on social media, it’s easy to see why they’ve garnered so many fans so quickly! And when Jennifer isn’t busy snapping pics of her adorable duo, she’s doing what she can to help horses in need—and she knows that Champy and Morris are supporters of the cause, too!

“Champy and Morris love knowing we’re helping other rescue animals have a better life.” — Jennifer Boyle, owner of Champy and Morris

Just look at this sweet cat and horse duo napping together!

Morris is taking the phrase “got your back” to a whole new level!

If you’d like to keep up with their adventures, you can find them on Facebook at Champy and Morris or Instagram @champy_and_morris, or Youtube

The proud owner posing with her animal BFFs…

All Images Courtesy of Champy and Morris/Jennifer Boyle




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