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Bonded Black Cats Desperately Need A Home After Spending Six Years In A Shelter

by Cattitude Daily

June of 2014 feels like forever ago, doesn’t it? Try telling that to Banksy and Squeakers. During that same month, the two black kittens found their way to the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center in Denver, Colorado. MaxFund is a special place, as it’s the only true no-kill shelter and adoption facility for dogs and cats in the Denver area. If not for that, I’m not sure if this bonded pair of black cats would be here today nearly six years later.

While Banksy and Squeakers are not actual brothers, the two are inseparable and have formed a bond that is undeniable to all who know them at MaxFund.

Banksy and Squeakers

Banksy was actually four to five weeks old and he was dropped off on the side of the highway by somebody,” vet tech Sonya Baigildin told Fox31 Denver News. As for Squeakers, he was surrendered that same June by a family whose cat had given birth to an unwanted litter of kittens.

These beautiful black cats are not here because they have behavior issues. Sadly, it seems the gorgeous pair has been simply overlooked for years. Sonya says, “Oh my god, those cats are so special.”

Banksy and Squeakers

It’s reported that both of the black cats are extremely friendly, playful, curious, and all around wonderful cats. The good people over at MaxFund report that Squeakers is “a total lap cat when she’s in the mood” and that Banksy “just likes to observe” when he’s not playing happily with his toys.

“They’re loving cats and it’s heartbreaking to see them here for six years,” Sonya said. “They’re just here because nobody wants them.”

Banksy and Squeakers

“We provide the best care that we can for them but, of course, it’s with a heavy heart because we see everybody come and go. They see other cats come and go and they’re still here. And it’s just not fair because it’s no fault of their own,” Sonya said. “They didn’t do anything wrong.”

It seems that Banksy and Squeakers could have bonded even more as both these cats suffer from a spinal condition known as cauda equina. For Banksy, this condition causes him to have incontinence issues when he can’t make it to his litter box in time. With Squeakers, she will leak urine when she begins to relax, and has bouts of diarrhea that she’s able to manage with a special diet. A home without carpet would be an ideal environment for the pair based on their current state of health.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting these black cats together, please reach out to the people at MaxFund in Denver. My heart breaks thinking this precious duo will have to spend another year together without a loving home.

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All Images Courtesy of MaxFund Animal Adoption Center

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