Blind Cat Is Happy & Confident Thanks To Help And A Second Chance

With literally millions of rescue cats entering shelters every year, not every story has a happy ending. There are simply too many cats and not enough funds, resources, or compassionate people to save them all. It’s a disheartening reality, but there will always be stories of success and happiness that deserve celebrating. One of those stories is about a blind cat named Helen. While euthanasia seemed like it would be the only option, this calico cat earned a much-needed second chance.

Helen was found as a kitten abandoned in a dumpster. Firemen from a nearby firehouse found her in distress and notified the local animal shelter. With obvious health concerns, the vet’s initial recommendation was euthanasia. An animal control officer, however, had a gut feeling. They wanted to fight for Helen’s survival.

With someone on her side, Helen fought. The vet managed to save her life, but they couldn’t save her eyes. An untreated upper respiratory infection damaged her eyes so thoroughly, Helen was left completely blind. While her right eye is recessed, her left eye is cloudy and blue. Helen is completely blind, but that hasn’t stopped her from finding a full and happy life.

With her health improving every day, shelter staff sent Helen to an active police officer named Amber for socialization. Amber said,

“I fell in love with her immediately. She was so sweet and she deserved the best home!”

With two rescue cats already at home, Helen seemed like the perfect addition to the family. Amber was prepared to help the special-needs cat adjust, but it turns out, Helen is more capable than anyone expected. Despite being blind, Helen quickly adapted to her new environment. Amber said Helen memorized the layout of the house and didn’t even hesitate on the stairs. Amber directed Helen to her litter box the first day, and she hasn’t had any issues.

“I truthfully do not have to do anything different for her than would be done for any cat.”

Helen and her fur siblings are best friends, and they spend their days wrestling and taking turns in empty boxes. Helen also has a special attachment to her cat mom. She is happy and confident in her new house with her loving family. Helen’s life started with pain and abandonment, but she’s taking full advantage of her second chance. 

Helen’s story is not only a happy ending, it’s proof that every cat is worth fighting for. 

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