Brandon Ellrich


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Brandon Ellrich is a freelance writer currently writing for Cattitude Daily. He always had cats growing up, and he is currently a cat dad to two cats, Zoe and Zak. They are the subjects of several blog articles as well as videos on YouTube. Brandon loves sharing stories of his cats as well as the knowledge he's gained from his experiences.


  • Published two books--Like a Mousetrap and Tell Me No Secret
  • Blogging since 2020 with over 1,500 followers
  • Cat Dad to a calico named Zoe and a black cat named Zak


Prior to writing for Catittude Daily, Brandon wrote for Calming Dog. Before that, he worked at a pet and livestock center where he learned about animal food and other products from a certified Purina dealer. He wrote an animal care journal for their website as well.


Brandon graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a BS in psychology and minor in music.

Expertise: B.S. in Psychology

Education: University of Central Missouri

Location: Warrensburg, Missouri

Title: Writer