Feline Feeling Frail? Try TummyWorks Probiotic Powder

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Key Points

  • Probiotics are helpful bacteria that restore balance to your cat's microbiome.

  • TummyWorks Probiotic Powder is tasteless and mixes into your cat's food.

  • Probiotics can help with allergies, anxiety, diarrhea, and skin irritation.

For a cat, digestive issues are a serious problem. An upset stomach causes gas, bad breath, and diarrhea. None of these are appealing to deal with. Perhaps your cat suffers from anxiety, allergies, or some underlying medical condition.

Probiotic supplements address all these issues, and a top choice is TummyWorks Probiotic Powder. It provides the gut support your cat needs while relieving the symptoms of stomach problems. This article thoroughly explores what this great product does for your cat.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms in edible items like yogurt, other fermented foods, and supplements. They're especially helpful for gut health in both humans and animals.

Although the word "bacteria" has a negative connotation in most instances, there are good types of bacteria. The ecosystem where these bacteria thrive is called the "microbiome." Feeding it helpful bacteria like probiotics keeps the microbiome balanced.

If your cat has digestive issues or skin irritation brought on by allergies, they need something to make them feel better. Giving them probiotics also aids in preventing these problems, but that may not be necessary.

Author and Veterinarians writer Anant Shastri says if your cat "[i]s healthy and eats well-balanced food, there is no need for regular use of probiotics. On the other hand, if your cat has chronic diarrhea, IBD, seasonal allergies, or suffers from anxiety, it may benefit from long-term probiotic supplementation."

Probiotic Powder for Cats
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TummyWorks Probiotic Powder

Many supplements exist in the marketplace but may not be in a form that works well for your cat. That isn't an issue with TummyWorks. Because of its multidimensional effectiveness, Veterinarians name TummyWorks the best multipurpose probiotic. A YouTube video posted on January 9, 2023, cites it as the best probiotic for cats with diarrhea.

TummyWorks was created in the USA by a pharmacist. This tasteless powder mixes discreetly with your cat's wet food to relieve their gut issues, improve digestive health, and boost energy. Since it's bland, your cat doesn't know it's there. Add a little water or chicken broth to compensate if the powder absorbs too much moisture. TummyWorks can be added to your pet's dry food, but much of the supplement may not be ingested because the powder doesn't adhere well to the kibble.

This probiotic powder works for cats and dogs, making it great for multi-pet households. In addition to relieving diarrhea, allergies, skin irritation, upset stomach, gas, itching, and yeast infections, it promotes a shinier, healthier skin and coat.

Customer Testimonials

Cat owners who use TummyWorks Probiotic Powder say it hardens their cats' stool but takes a few weeks to see results. Others comment on their cats' shiny, soft fur after regularly using TummyWorks. This shows the diverse benefits of this amazing product.

Pet owners with cats and dogs note it works for all their animals. Another advantage users praise is the tasteless formula. Unlike other supplements and medications cats detect in their food and avoid eating, TummyWorks goes unnoticed.


Even cats with similar symptoms may respond differently to these supplements. Some cats' imbalance is greater than others'. They may need a prescription diet or one specifically for sensitive stomachs. If you have multiple cats eating from the same bowl, or if they're grazers, they may not receive the full dose of the probiotic powder. If they eat dry kibble, the powder may end up at the bottom of the bowl.

Symptom Relief With Probiotics

Although these symptoms may indicate the need for digestive support from a supplement, it isn't the only possible cause. Consult your veterinarian to rule out any other conditions.


If your cat vomits a lot, it may not be because of poor digestive health. Your cat may swallow hairballs formed by fur that they can't digest. Hairballs get caught in the cat's throat or stomach, causing them to throw up to remove the obstacle. Although a disgusting chore, inspect the vomit for clumps of hair. If there are, anti-hairball treats and regular grooming address the issue. Eliminating loose fur prevents hairballs from forming.

If hairballs aren't the problem, your cat probably needs some digestive support. If your cat eats grass, this indicates a digestive issue. Some cats eat grass with an upset stomach to make themselves vomit. TummyWorks Probiotic Powder relieves the stomach upset.


Loose bowel movements can be due to many causes. A recent change in food sometimes causes an upset stomach and diarrhea. If you need to change your cat's diet, do it gradually. Start by adding a small amount of the new cat food to their regular diet. Increase the new food and decrease the old food daily for a week.

During this process, add TummyWorks Probiotic Powder to their food to support their gut and ease the transition. If they still experience diarrhea after completely switching food, they may be allergic to one of the ingredients. Be aware the probiotic powder can take up to four weeks to work, so be patient.


A cat's allergies manifest in several ways, such as skin irritation, sneezing, watery eyes, upset stomachs, or diarrhea. Boost their immune system with probiotics to fight allergens so they can breathe more easily.

If your cat has severe allergies, it may take more than a probiotic supplement to relieve the symptoms. Talk to your vet about whether a more intensive treatment is necessary. They may suggest a combination of treatments that includes probiotics.


Your cat's physical health affects their digestive system, but so do their mental and emotional state. For example, a cat suffering from separation anxiety may have an upset stomach. A probiotic supplement like TummyWorks settles that upset but can't cure anxiety.

Try to determine the underlying cause of the anxiety to eliminate it at the source. A daily supplement settles their nervous tummy if it's generalized anxiety without a specific trigger.

Probiotic Powder for Cats
$24.95 ($3.40 / oz)

by TummyWorks 

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TummyWorks Tried and Tested

If your cat suffers from digestive health issues, you want to help them in the most natural way possible. TummyWorks Probiotic supplement gives them the positive bacteria they need in their system.

Once your cat receives probiotics regularly, the bacteria restores balance to your pet's system. As with any product, results vary with each individual. Some may take longer than others to produce positive results.

With patience and care, your feline returns to their natural state, experiencing relief from digestive upset and diarrhea and sporting a shinier, healthier coat.

Give your cat the probiotic power of TummyWorks powder.

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