Artist Transforms Photos Of Your Cat Into Lovely Feline Portraits

Recently when I was scrolling through a private cat group I’m in on Facebook called Cat Lovers, I saw something that immediately caught my eye. I’m a lover of cats and art. As many of you are as well. The post that grabbed my attention was by a fellow cat lover asking other members to share photos of their cat and she would choose some to draw. These cat photos get transformed into lovely digital portraits that look just like the real kitty. Well, with some flowery and romantic touches, too.

cat portraits

I reached out to her because I was impressed by what I saw and figured other cat lovers out there would be, too. After all, it’s not every day that your cat can be transformed into a pretty picture! Lana told me that her website/online portfolio is in the works. For now, she shares much of her work via Instagram and Twitter. Soon she will be adding her work to her Etsy shop, LanaBeeCreative.


She lives in Leicester, United Kingdom with her two cats, Mr. Squeak and Pippa. Mr. Squeak is a “very handsome fella” and although he’s 16 years of age, he still acts like an adorable kitten she says. Pippa, a black Maine Coon cat, was rescued by Lana. Poor Pippa was dumped out on the streets and left to fend for herself. Now, she is spoiled and loved.

Check out this cool video of Lana in action creating a Grumpy Cat creation:

I asked Lana how long she’s loved cats for, and she says: 

“Ever since a child, I remember when we had 7 cats once and everybody used to call me the crazy cat lady because I would sit out the front surrounded by like 5 cats at the same time. They are precious little things!”
Curious to know what the inspiration was behind her cat portraits, I asked her how long she’s been doing this and what inspired her to do so. Her answer was heartfelt and makes me like her work even more!
“I started drawing cats a couple months ago believe it or not, I wanted to start something new as I always stuck to cartoons. I was apart of multiple cat lover groups and I had seen an owner of a cat was very upset on there because her cat had passed away so I thought why don’t I draw her cat… If I lost my cat I would love for somebody to do the same. I ended up drawing the cat for her and she said she was crying with happiness and that she would get it printed out – that brought my so much happiness myself. I just continued every since then and people are willing to pay me money to do it now which I never ever expected.”

If you’d like to see more of her cat portraits and other work, you can find Lana on Instagram here.

Even though I’m a diehard cat lover, I must say that this Golden Retriever she made is pretty awesome, too!


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fat cat art

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