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Rescue Kitty And Her Cat Mom Inspire Each Other To Reach New Heights

by Cattitude Daily

Cats are truly unique beings. And despite the common assumption that cats are naturally skittish, there are some cats out there that prove cats can be total badasses. In recent years, it seems that “adventure cats” have become sort of a thing. But I think it goes beyond that. For some people who keep cats—because no one truly owns a cat, it’s more the other way around—finding ways to enjoy time spent together brings joy to both.

When it comes to our feline friends, we cat owners often know the truth that when we give a shelter cat a second chance, paying it forward can help to give us the second chance we need to. Cats are incredible at sensing our emotions, giving us strength, and comforting us through dark days.

For Floki, she has given her cat mom a new lease on life. And together they’re exploring new heights together—literally.

Since they started roughly a year ago, the two have summited all of New Hampshire’s mountains exceeding 4,000 feet. And that’s not just a handful of climbs. That’s 48 summits!

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Just last month, her cat mom, Mel Elam, shared on their Facebook page that:

Less than a year ago I began a journey with the most unlikely hiking companion. A journey to heal, find peace and build emotional and physical strength to help me survive one of the darkest times of my life. People often tell me what a wonderful thing it was for me to rescue Floki. It’s quite the opposite, she rescued me and these mountains have helped her save me.

Saturday we will attempt(weather permitting)a modified presidential traverse. We will finish on what was my first 4000 footer, Mount Washington, to complete Flokis 48. When we finally reach the summit, I imagine I will be full of mixed emotions. The past nine months of climbing to these summits have taught me so much. Most importantly, that you have to sometimes fall before you can fly.

It has been quite an adventure, and I am still so grateful for all of the support and kindness that has been shown to us throughout. It is truly unbelievable, how many Lives this little cat has touched. Keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck! Thank you so much!

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I caught up with Mel hoping to feature her and Floki on CattitudeDaily, and thankfully she obliged my request. So, keep reading to learn all about this perfect pair that will surely brighten your day.

How did Floki come into your life?

Floki found me when I went to the local shelter to look at another kitten. She was in the cage below and reached out and grabbed me.

How did you know that Floki would be an ideal adventure cat?

I did not know at first. I decided to give it a try and thought it was a crazy idea but she loved it!

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How does Floki react when she knows it’s time to go hiking?

She chirps and sometimes will try to get into the bag.

What are some of your most memorable hikes together?

Mount Zealand in the fall and watching her experience snowflakes for the first time. My 48th on top of South Twin and Washington for her 48th.

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Where do y’all plan to go next?

We are working on the NH 52 with a view and climbing in this weekend’s annual event out on my the Mount Washington Observatory called “Seek the Peak.”

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Floki?

That she is incredible. I have never met a cat like her.

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I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Floki’s cat mom for allowing me to share their story and wonderful images. If you know someone who would enjoy reading about their adventures together, don’t forget to share. The world can certainly use more uplifting stories like this, and it makes my heart smile knowing that these two found each other. Here’s to many more amazing adventures for Floki and Mel.

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All Images Courtesy of Adventures with Floki on Facebook

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