A Collections Of Cats With Ultimate Cattitude

One of the best qualities about our feline friends is there ability to not care what others think of them. Cats are totally boss and they don’t let anything get in the way of their ability to own any room that they walk into. When it comes to cattitude, there are certainly some cats that have more of this than others. Many also think that tuxedo cats—as well as tortoiseshell cats—are famous for their well-known cattitudes. I’ve rounded up some fun photos of cats giving off their best cattitude vibes, and if you love cats showing off their ability to not care, then you’ll find these photos quite entertaining. 

For those of you who are unsure what cattitude is, or you’ve tried explaining it to a dog person before and they simply do not understand, feel free to share this roundup with them so they can perfectly understand the ways of cattitude.

YourDictionary.com defines “cattitude” as “the attitude of a cat. State or feeling of immense superiority, but not arrogance.” Yep—seems accurate to me! Some people might think that cats are jerks, but they simply do not understand the magical aura that is cattitude.

Enjoy This Collection Of Cats With Ultimate Cattitude…

Page, a recently retired bookstore cat, proudly displayed her cattitude daily while on the job…

Worshippers from afar only please…

This seat is taken.

Guilty? Nope.

“Apparently sitting in wet paint is worth interrupting and messing up my work on this paint by number.”

I do what I want!

This tabby has great cattitude. So, I had to use him for a meme I made.

“After the 10th time of putting them back up.”

Another store cat keeping shoppers on their toes by swatting customers at random.

“He’s not allowed on the table.” 

I really am seeing a theme here with tuxedo cats…

“…when I woke up this morning I found my NEW Yoga Blocks like this AND found a smirking Orange Tabby with green foam in his nails… Well played”

This computer could be bigger ya know…


Looks like someone won’t be crocheting today!

“Told him to get off the table and this was the look he gave me.”

As you can see, cattitude is something cats are just born with. No training necessary.

“Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ?”

Some cats, even the sweetest ones like my Mr. Purple and Tom, they just know when they look good!

Cattitude is just another reason why cats always look better than us in every photo…they just exude confidence!

My tuxedo cat Pepper is the king of cattitude. So much so, he’s the inspiration behind cattitudedaily.com. Here are just of his few best cattitude images.

Pepper has mastered the feline art of looking completely unimpressed with me taking his photo…

For every case of Girl Scout cookies sold, kitty gets a new box…

He even flexes his cattitude when he sploots…

As a website with the word “cattitude” in the name, it should come as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of cats flexing their feline mindset like only they can. Know someone who loves cats with cattitude? Share this article with them, too.

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