97 Cats And Counting Rescued From Hoarding Situation In Ohio

Animal Charity of Ohio is a registered non-profit organization with a full service veterinary clinic and the only humane society in Mahoning County. The work they do matters. And this recently discovered cat hoarding situation is proof of it. The neighbors of one Youngstown, Ohio residence were lodging complaints concerning a large number of rats in their area, particularly around one home. So, the good people at Animal Charity of Ohio knew they needed to step in. But, they had no clue just how bad things would be upon arrival. And neither did the neighbors surrounding the home which was residence to nearly 100 felines. 

A neighbor who lives nearby the residence told a local news station that he was “amazed” by the number of rats—as well as cats—living in the home. “I’ve heard she had a few cats in there, but never knew that much,” he said.

Rescue teams worked for hours to bring the cats to safety one by one. And as a surprise to no one, the home was in deplorable living conditions. So, thankfully, that was the best day of those cats’ lives and the start of a much brighter chapter for them.

Mike Durkin, Youngstown’s code enforcement and blight remediation superintendent told local news that,

“Most likely, we will be looking at some sort of neighborhood nuisance and/or demolishing it if it comes to that.”

In a post shared just yesterday on their Facebook page, Animal Charity of Ohio shared the alarming situation that shocked even them…

At first we were told 12 cats lived at this residence. We assembled an amazing team and prepped on Thursday evening. We prepped for 22-36 just in case the number would be off a little. Man how things change. 97 cats. How do you describe the smell? It’s more than just a smell. It’s an attack on your sinuses. An inhalation leaving you gasping and choking, even with two masks on. These cats lived in this deadly situation for years.

They are all struggling with respiratory infections. They wheeze with every breath. Almost ALL 97 are requiring medicine to treat their infections. Please consider impacting the lives of these amazing animals. They deserve all of the love in the world. They have been through such trauma. We cannot wait to see them thrive. ❤️  please share and help us, help them.

WKBN First News 27 covered this story, and we’re happy to report that the cats are now with Animal Charity of Ohio where they’re receiving the medical care that they desperately need.

Every little bit counts towards these cats’ care. If you would like to make a donation, it would be much appreciated. A simple share of this story to help spread the word would be wonderful, too. That way, these cats can get the help they need and get a chance to be a real cat who is cared for. I’d like to give a special thank you to the dedicated individuals who worked hard to bring these cats to safety, and for those who continue to get them the help they need. You’re all heroes in my book.

If you’d like to learn more about the Animal Charity of Ohio and the incredible work they do for our four-legged friends in need, you can visit their website here.

All Images Courtesy of Animal Charity of Ohio

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