72 Cats And Kittens Taken In From Animal Hoarding Situation In Arizona

Animal hoarding is a very serious problem. Although it likely doesn’t start with ill-intentions, not spaying or neutering your pets can quickly become a recipe for disaster. In Tucson, Arizona, the Pima Animal Care Center took in 72 cats and kittens from a severe hoarding situation just this week. They are asking the public for help with such a high demand of felines taken in all at once. 

All of the felines are having their health evaluated, and thankfully many are receiving a clean bill of health. The Center has even made some of these adult cats already available for adoption.

Their Facebook post reads:

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We just took in 72 cats from a hoarding case. That number is expected to rise. The cats range in age from very young kittens to adults. The clinic is examining them all, but most appear to be in good health.

The shelter is unseasonably full at the moment, taking in 79 pets on Wednesday. Currently, there are 418 puppies and dogs at the shelter, along with 154 cats and kittens. Those numbers do not include the foster pets. In foster care, there are an additional 314 dogs and puppies, along with 215 cats and kittens.

To help make room for incoming cases, the shelter is offering free adoptions starting Thursday for pets four months and up. There is a $20 licensing fee per dog. This impromptu sale will last through Sunday.

For people who would like to help, but can’t adopt a pet full-time, the shelter also needs fosters for all types of pets. Folks interested in fostering can email PACC.foster@pima.gov or just show up to the shelter any time it is open. Another way people can help is by making a donation to PACC’s official nonprofit partner, Friends of PACC. There’s also an Amazon Wish List of needed items on PACC’s website.

*The young kittens taken in by Pima are currently in foster care and getting the proper attention and medical care to meet their needs. There will be updates when they are made available for adoption.*

In a statement released by Pima Animal Care Center’s website, they said that:

“This is a joint investigation with the Sheriff Department’s Animal Cruelty Division. Animal Protection Officers from PACC assisted with the removal of the animals. The conditions inside the home were poor. The floor was littered with waste, litter, and trash. Animal Protection Officers plan to place traps in the home to make sure all cats are safely captured.”

If you or anyone you know would like to make a donation or give one of these poor kitties a forever home, please do not hesitate to reach out. Remember, every little bit counts when it comes to helping our four-legged friends in need.

For the full press release on their website, click here.

All Images Courtesy of Pima Animal Care Center

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