Your Model Cat Needs the Modkat XL Litter Box

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Key Points

  • A hooded or enclosed litter box keeps litter contained when your cat likes to kick and dig.

  • The Modkat's versatile design allows for top or front entry options.

  • The Modkat box liners are durable and make cleaning more convenient.

Litter boxes can be a mess — not just inside the box, but outside too. The Modkat XL Litter Box eliminates the mess and makes cleaning more convenient.

From kittens to larger cats, the versatile design of the Modkat works for all felines. The compact, space-saving design works for all homes as well. Comb through this review to see if this is the litter box you didn't know you needed.

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  1. XL Litter Box
    $179.95 ($179.95 / Count)

    by Modkat 

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    03/05/2024 07:16 pm GMT
    Key Features of the Modkat XL Litter Box
  2. Who Needs the Modkat XL Litter Box and Why
  3. For Aggressive Diggers and Bad Aimers
  4. What to Consider When Looking at Litter Boxes
  5. What Customers Say
  6. The Downsides
  7. Get a Modkat for Your Model Cat

XL Litter Box
$179.95 ($179.95 / Count)

by Modkat 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/05/2024 07:16 pm GMT
Key Features of the Modkat XL Litter Box

  • Space-saving design allows you to put it anywhere, even out of sight.

  • It caters to cats who need easier access to a front entrance.

  • The top entrance option is great for aggressive diggers, preventing litter from flying.

  • The included liners make it easier to keep clean.

  • A hook on the outside of the box keeps your litter scoop within reach at all times.

Who Needs the Modkat XL Litter Box and Why

If you have a cat that tends to make a mess when digging in the litter box, you need the Modkat XL Litter Box. Very few litter boxes allow your cat to access them from the top. No matter how much your kitty likes to dig and throw litter this way and that, it stays inside the box.

Not only that, but once they jump to the top, the screen allows loose litter from their paws to fall back down through the holes and back where it belongs.

Maybe you don't have an aggressive digger, but you have a kitten or senior cat. They may not want or be able to get down inside the box from a hole in the top. That's okay because the Modkat is versatile, and you can change the entry point to the front for easier access.

If you're a cat owner in a small apartment, utilizing space efficiently is always a challenge. The Modkat is 21.3" long by 17.3" by 16.5" tall. Its rectangular design allows you to fit it easily into a corner of the room.

For Aggressive Diggers and Bad Aimers

If your cat always digs like there's buried treasure under their litter, you probably end up with a mess outside the litter box.

The editorial team at PetMD has a few suggestions for cats that kick litter everywhere, one of which fits perfectly into Modkat's design:

"Try a box with higher sides and a cover. Some cats don’t like boxes with covers and may eliminate in other areas of the house when they’re the only option, but a box with a cover still might be worth trying, especially for younger cats just learning how to use a litter box."

They also say that kittens with a mother who was a neat and tidy litter box user tend to follow that example, so their digging may be a learned trait. No matter how much your cat likes to kick and dig, the litter stays within the walls of the Modkat.

Other cats tend to pee at the edge of the box, hitting the wall of the box and splashing urine everywhere. By using the top-entry option of the Modkat, the mess stays contained within the walls of the liner.

Punishing your cat for their litter box habits only makes the problem worse. Instead, buy a litter box that works with your cat's eccentricities.

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What to Consider When Looking at Litter Boxes

You may think that any litter box works for your cat, but think again. There are several factors that you need to consider before making a final decision about the litter box that works best.

Cat's Preference

The most important aspect to look at is whether it works for your cat. As each individual feline has different needs and inclinations, you need a litter box that fits their uniqueness.

The Modkat accommodates cats of every age and size. As your cat ages and doesn't get around as well, switch from the top entry to the front to give them easier access.


The Modkat is more expensive than a simple plastic pan because it's much more than that. It's also not as high-priced as many electric automatic litter boxes.

The Modkat is about middle-of-the-road when it comes to price. For all the features and versatility, it's a good buy.


Finding the right spot for your cat's litter box takes some thought. You don't want to store it too close to their food and water, but you don't want it to intrude on your space or look obtrusive in your home.

The Modkat's compact design makes it perfect for small apartments or spaces. You can even scoot a chair in front of it and your cat can jump down behind it to use the top entrance.


This litter box comes with a tough liner that hooks into place. It's scratch-resistant and cleans easily. It saves the hassle of trying to reach in to clean out the inside of the box. Just unhook it, lift it out, wash it, and replace it. The swivel accordion lid also makes it easier to scoop out the litter. It's not an automatic litter box, but it's more convenient than traditional boxes.

There are two different liners that come with the box — one for the front-access option and one for the top-access option. By using the top-access option, there's less likelihood that your cat tracks litter onto the floor.

What Customers Say

A vast majority of customer reviews include a five-star rating, so it's obvious that cat owners are happy with their purchase. Some mention the high price tag but also say it's worth the cost.

Customers love the liners, and depending on how aggressive your cat is with their digging and scratching, it lasts several months. The company recommends changing it every three months, but some customers keep theirs clean and working for much longer.

Homeowners like the minimalist design of the box, as it fits easily with their home design. The design of the rounded litter scoop even fits the rounded corners of the box.

The Downsides

Even though this is an extra-large litter box, the top entry hold may be too small for some large-breed cats. They may also feel a bit cramped inside. For regular-sized cats, there's plenty of room.

The hooks for the liners don't lock, so if your cat paws at them or the litter shifts around too much, the liner may come off. It's not likely that they all come off at the same time, however, so keep an eye on the hooks when you scoop out the litter and re-anchor the liner.

The litter box requires some assembly, but Modkat posted a TikTok video on July 19, 2023, of a cat owner unboxing and assembling the Modkat XL Litter Box. As you see in the video, it looks pretty simple.

XL Litter Box
$179.95 ($179.95 / Count)

by Modkat 

Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/05/2024 07:16 pm GMT

Get a Modkat for Your Model Cat

Okay, so your cat may not be a flawless feline, but they're the perfect pet in your eyes. Your cat needs the perfect litter box so they can do their business without any mess or fuss.

Even though the Modkat XL Litter Box works for many customers, it may not work for yours. There are many options, including self-cleaning litter boxes. They're typically more expensive but save time and hassle.

Go back and read over the specs and reviews, watch the video, and decide if the Modkat is the right litter box for you and your cat. Your cat can pee in peace while you experience convenient cleaning. With the Modkat, you can both be happy.

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