Why Does My Cat Lick Or Chew My Hair?

why does my cat lick or chew my hair

Cats do lots of interesting things. And sometimes those things have to do with how they interact with us. I have a Maine Coon cat that likes to sleep on my head, and I also have another ginger cat that’s obsessed with licking my toes. Have you ever had a cat that wants to lick or chew your hair? There are a few reasons why cats like to do this odd behavior. If you’re anything like me, you love diving deep into the feline psyche. Keep reading to discover why some cats like to lick or chew your hair.

This is a Way They Show Affection

Although we’d never think to nibble on our BFF’s hair if we wanted them to know we think they’re the cat’s meow, remember for a moment that cats are cats. We are forced to debunk their brains and decode their meows. Experts and cat owners across the globe are aware of the ways that cats choose to display their affection.

Your cat is an intelligent being. Although they are fully aware that you are not a cat, at times, they might treat you like you are one. If your cat suddenly licks or chews your hair when they are being sweet and friendly, this is their way of social grooming with you. Cat baths aren’t equal to real baths but think of them as a friendly gesture.

It’s a well-known fact that when cats groom, this helps them to decompress. If your cat is feeling stressed for whatever reason, they might choose to groom you this way to help alleviate their stress.

Taste That Smell

For some cats, they are drawn to the scent of your shampoo, conditioner, or styling product. Cats actually do not have the ability to taste sweetness, so those fruity shampoos likely aren’t their cup of tea. Or think about where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. If you’ve been surrounded by flavorful aromas, either in the kitchen or at a flavorfully-scented restaurant, your kitty might want a taste—from your hair!

why does my cat lick or chew my hair

Hey, You’re Cool!

Cats are finicky little creatures. But this is one of their many charms. If your cat licks or chews your hair often, this might be because they’ve chosen you as their special person, and they want to show you that. Basically, this is their way of demonstrating that you’re in their cat clique. When your cat chooses to lick or chew or groom your hair, they’ve selected you as one of their preferred peers. Consider yourself special, my friend! Cats are not one to easily let their guards down and are not naturally trusting, so this is huge in their book.

Think of Their History

If your cat goes a bit overboard, perhaps attempting to suckle or chew your hair, this is a telltale sign that they were weaned far too young. You may have seen cats do this before with blankets—but some choose to do it with your hair on your head, too. Thankfully my cat Pepper who was found alone and abandoned as just a wee kitten only reserves his suckling and chewing for his favorite “baby” blanket and not my blonde mane.

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why does my cat lick or chew my hair

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