Washington State Trooper Discovers Litter Of Tiny Kittens In Abandoned Boat

Abandoned boats aren’t anything new for state troopers in Washington state. They find them near the water, on the side of the road, in parks, and just about anywhere else. Dealing with the illegal dumping is part of their job, but that job doesn’t usually involve saving lives. That changed, however, when Trooper Sage Schafer inspected an abandoned boat on the side of an interstate.

Trooper Schafer and his supervisor were performing a routine inventory of the abandoned boat when they heard faint crying. The decrepit boat had been left for about 24 hours, and it had fallen off the blocks it had been set on. It was laying on its side with junk and equipment spilling onto the roadway. 

Twitter/Trooper John Bryant

When the troopers heard the sound of meowing kittens, it took several minutes to track down the source. They had to carefully dig through debris until they eventually uncovered four tiny kittens. They were only a few days old, and it was impossible to tell if they had been in the boat when it was abandoned or placed there afterwards.

Leaving the kittens on the side of the road wasn’t an option. There were no signs of a mother cat by the busy roadway, and the kittens wouldn’t have survived on their own. Knowing the kittens needed help fast, the troopers reached out to a local animal rescuer. While shelters aren’t always open or able to take in new animals, the local newspaper, The Spokesman Review, reports this woman (who wished to remain anonymous) answers her phone 24 hours a day and is always willing to help animals in need. 


With the kittens safe in the hands of an experienced rescuer, they received an initial check up, bottle feedings, and a warm place to sleep. WSP spokesperson Trooper John Bryant says the kittens are now all in good health, but their future has yet to be decided. They will most likely be transported to animal rescue and eventually be put up for adoption. As the kittens are so young, however, right now they need round-the-clock bottle feedings and plenty of rest. 

Trooper Schafer can now add “animal rescue” to his list of job accomplishments, and we’re so glad he was there to save these four innocent lives.

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