Vietnam Vet And Cat Make Best Friends At Senior Living Facility

cat and vet

Gary DaLude loves animals, especially cats. And every time that the Country Cat Lady comes to visit him, he’s eager and ready to see his best fur friend. Gary served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam war, and although he’s tough, he’s got a soft spot in his heart for one special cat.

Image Courtesy of Country Cat Lady

The Country Cat Lady knows just how powerful the effects of cats can be. Founder of the Country Cat Lady, Jen Kuyt, started the organization because of the positive impact she learned that cats have on her son who is special needs. (I can tell you how true this is, my one cat who is terrified of everyone follows my autistic son around like a puppy.)

Jen rescues young cats and trains them to be support cats. The ones that have the desire to be lap cats and crave the emotional connection with humans are selected as her Country Cat Lady Support Cats. But don’t worry, the ones who aren’t the ideal fit as a support cat are still adopted out, too.

“We’re here to serve the community, and bring smiles and joy to people,” — Jen Kuyt

Together with her trained and ready to work kitties, they go to schools, libraries, and “wherever the need takes me” Jen says.

cat and vet

When Gary met Rascal, a shy black cat, the two instantly hit it off. Which was surprising to even Jen, as Rascal can be somewhat timid at times and still won’t sit with anyone but Gary. At each visit, Rascal immediately seeks out his favorite human, Gary, and together they pass the time connecting and strengthening their special bond.

Watch the news story below about this vet and cat that will bring a smile to your face:

I’d like to thank Jen for the incredible work she does, and a special thank you to Gary for his service. You guys are both heroes in my book. It always amazes me how cats know exactly how to find who needs them the most in life.

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