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Tuxedo Kitten Wears Another Cat Right On His Face

by Cattitude Daily

I think since I have a tuxedo kitten in my life that it goes without saying that I am a lover of these black and white kitty cats. Tuxedo cats often have some pretty cool markings, and no two ever have the exact same ones. Aside from their fancy pants markings, tuxedo cats are pretty cool cats in general. They’ve got cattitude for days and no two are ever the same.

Twitter user pootah recently shared with the world some images of their cat with unique markings. As a kitten the marking was quite noticeable, and the marking has grown right with the cat as he’s gotten bigger. It’s a purrfect marking for a feline you could say…

And a video of ths cute cat with what I assume to be his siblings…

My Pepper has a cool marking on his chin that makes him look like he has a goatee, and when he was a tiny kitten it made him look as if he was surprised. His marking just suits him, too! 

And for this cat with a cat marking on his face, he’s grown to be a handsome and unique feline, too!

Have you ever seen a cat with a cat marking before? This is a first for even me—and I’ve seen A LOT of cats in my day! Share this super cool cat with other feline fanatics who will love it, too.

Are you a fan of camouflage cats? Check out this fun gallery of cats with cool markings that allow them to blend right in with the scenery!

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