Expert Tips On How To Trim Your Cat’s Nails

how to trim your cat's nails

Being able to trim your cat’s toenails at home means less stress from having to go into the veterinarian’s office for a pedicure. If your cat has an indoor lifestyle, long and sharp toenails can be detrimental to your furniture and your skin. Here are some tips on how to trim your cat’s nails at home where they are most comfortable.

Here’s How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails Like a Pro

tips for trimming your cat's toenails

The most important part about trimming your cat’s toenails is to know where the quick of the nail is. The quick is the blood supply of the nail, and you do not want to cut it because it is painful, and it bleeds.

The part of the nail you will want to trim is the hook. Depending on the length, it may look a bit like a bird’s talon. You can trim your cat’s toenails as often as needed, usually about every two to three weeks depending on how fast they grow. Just do not forget the dewclaw! Pet toenail trimmers can be used, or even large human fingernail clippers.

Use Treats

Treats can be used as a reward for behavior training called positive reinforcement. As your cat exhibits a wanted behavior, you give it a positive reward, like a tasty treat. As you do trim the nails on one paw, give your kitty a treat to let them know they did a good job not pulling their paw away. Positive reinforcement training is extremely helpful. It may take some time, but it’s worth it!

Treats can also be used as a distraction. If you have an extra hand, have a friend feed your cat treats while you trim their toenails. Their mind will be so focused on the tasty goodness in front of them, they will not care about the pedicure.

Have Help Restraining Your Cat

Having another person help you get the job done can make a kitty pedicure go quite a bit smoother and faster. Whether you place your cat on the table while your partner gives your cat a nice ear massage or holds them like a baby, the distraction helps. A second set of hands helps to ensure your cat won’t bite you when they lose their patience. Properly and safely restraining your cat can also help the process go quickly and easily.

See our tips on how to safely restrain your cat for more information.

how to trim your cat's nails

Quiet Atmosphere                                                                              

When it is time to give your cat a pedicure, try to do it in a nice quiet atmosphere, maybe in your cat’s favorite spot in the house. Try to stay away from a high-commotion area as cats can quickly become stressed out. Trimming your cat’s toenails in the evening while your cat is taking nap will work as well. Depending, of course, on how light or heavy of a sleeper they are!

Learning and practicing trimming your cat’s toenails at home can save them from the stress of having to go to the veterinarian clinic every couple of weeks. Instead, they can have their mani-pedi in the comfort of their home.

How do you trim your cat’s nails? Let us know in the comments below.

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