Top 12 Grey Cat Breeds

Cats are beautiful additions to any home, but it can be difficult to know where to start. There are plenty of cats up for adoption in shelters, and professionals will work with you to place the right cat in your home based on your lifestyle. Not all cats are created equally. Some require more attention, while others are more laidback. Here's all you need to know about the top 12 grey cat breeds if you've set your heart on a blue-silver beauty. gray cat breeds

Why Choose From the Top 12 Grey Cat Breeds?

With many different cats out there, it can be hard to narrow down the right type for you. Consider the size, color, and any personality needs. Once you get an idea of the cat you're looking for, start to explore your options. Highlighting the top 12 grey cat breeds can give you insights into the breed's temperament, distinguishing characteristics, and more. Popular breeds stand the test of time for a reason, as they spotlight the ideal characteristics that pet owners have desired over the years. The top 12 grey cat breeds are subjective, but it's a great place to start if you want to purchase or adopt a kitten or cat.

The Top 12 Grey Cat Breeds

It's hard to choose the best of the best, but here are the top 12 grey cat breeds to help you narrow down your search. From long and energetic to short hair and hypoallergenic, there's a cat to meet everyone's needs!

1. American Shorthair Cat

First bred to hunt rodents, American Shorthair cats have since become among the top 12 grey cat breeds. They are muscular and strong cats who are affectionate and love to play. They've retained that strong hunting instinct over the years, so don't be surprised if the American Shorthair brings you back trophies from their hunt, if they're outdoor cats, that is (yes, even if they only go in the backyard). They are the perfect moderate cat – they're not too high maintenance, clingy, or independent, so if you're on the go, this breed may be perfect for you. The American shorthair comes in various colors and patterns, though grey continues to be a top choice. They aren't very vocal, but they don't care to be handled or picked up. They want to come to you on their terms, so it's important to respect their boundaries lest you get swiped (or have them start plotting your demise while you sleep). American shorthairs are a hearty stock, living between 15 to 20 years with proper care. They have been among the top 12 grey cat breeds because of their adaptable natures. These cats go with the flow.

2. American Wirehair Cat

American Wirehair cats are beautiful, with a medium-dense coat that comes in various colors and patterns. With grey being one of the most popular, American Wirehair cats are among the top 12 grey cat breeds. The males tend to be slightly bigger than the females, but they all have strong bodies with round features. They require very little grooming, just the occasional brush, and your American Wirehair cat will be good to go. These cats are known for their loving and loyal demeanor, especially towards their owners. They have a moderate temperament. American Wirehair cats love to play, but they are also highly independent cats. If they want to play with you, they'll bring you a toy. Otherwise, they're laidback kitties, making them one of the top 12 grey cat breeds. American wirehair cats are great companions and have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. what is the rarest eye color in cats?

3. British Shorthair Cat

The British Shorthair cat is a big cat with rounded features that has captured many hearts as one of the top 12 grey cat breeds. They can be slow to warm up, but you'll have a friend for life once they do. The most popular color had been blue-grey for years, earning the British Shorthair the nickname British Blue. However, now this grey cat can come in any number of colors. British shorthair cats are dignified and intelligent felines that love to be near their family. Female cats can be more serious, while the males tend to be more laid back and go with the flow. They make excellent additions to homes with dogs and children, though they will defend themselves if handled roughly. Groom your British Shorthair cat two to three times a week, though you will want to brush more frequently in the spring during shedding season. Proper grooming will help keep your British shorthair cat looking clean and healthy while keeping the loose hair to a minimum. Their average lifespan is 12-17 years, so you can live a long and happy life with one of the top 12 grey cat breeds.

4. British Longhair Cat

British longhair cats are a mix of British Shorthair and Persian cats, so it's no surprise it too holds a place in the top 12 grey cat breeds. This mixed breed has all the best characteristics of its parents – altogether friendly, affectionate, and independent. They are easy-going cats who adapt readily to their circumstances. If you need to leave your British Longhair cat alone for long periods, don't worry. They love company but do just as well on their own. British longhair cats require more grooming than other top 12 grey cat breeds. Brush their hair regularly, especially during the shedding season, to prevent loose hair and hairballs. British longhair cats are large-to-medium-sized sociable cats, but they do best in kid-free homes. They do not like to be carried or handled. Thanks to their mixed breed status, they typically live 15-17 years and are generally healthy cats.

5. Chartreux Cat

The Chartreux cat has mysterious origins. Some say they date as far back as ancient Persia, while others claim they first emerged after the Crusades to hunt rodents. Regardless of its origin, the Chartreux cat looks like it hides many secrets behind its large eyes. Perhaps that's why it's still a favorite among the top 12 grey cat breeds. Chartreux cats have maintained that hunting instinct over the years. They are strong and agile cats, ready to pounce on their prey when they least suspect it. These cats are refined and make great companions. They purr, but instead of meows, Chartreux cats make almost a chirping noise that will warm any heart. If you're looking for an easy-going, loyal, and loving cat, you may want to check out Chartreux cats. They love to play with feathered toys and can learn to play fetch. They love playing with other cats and small dogs. Chartreux cats have soft wooly coats that are water-resistant. You need to brush them weekly to prevent mats and tangles. They typically live between 11-15 years. Devon Rex cat

6. Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex is a beautiful yet delicate cat, so they are one of the top 12 grey cat breeds. They can come in short and curly hair, including various colors and patterns, but you'll want to take extreme caution when handling this cat. Their hair and whiskers are extremely fragile and prone to breaking off, so you don't need to brush them. In areas they lick themselves often, Devon Rex cats lack hair completely. Because of this, they don't shed a lot, so if you're looking for a low-maintenance cat, the Devon Rex may be for you. Devon Rex cats are medium-sized with a triangular head, large eyes, and butterfly ears, giving this breed an ethereal look. Despite being delicate in appearance, the Devon Rex is an active breed. They have lots of energy and love entertaining their families. If you get a Devon Rex, make sure you have cat trees and other jumping toys for exercise. Devon Rex cats love the sun, so you'll often find them lounging in sun patches throughout the day. They are prone to getting cold in the winter, so you'll want to get them accustomed to wearing clothes to help keep them warm. Because of their dainty appearance and beautiful markings, Devon rex cats are among the top 12 grey cat breeds.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is one of the largest domestic cat breeds today, and despite their name, they were descended from domestic cats. They appear wild with their long hair and hair ruff around the neck and can trace back their roots thousands of years thanks to Norse traditions. This long history lends to their placing as one of the top 12 grey cat breeds. Norwegian Forest cats are very athletic animals, and they love to jump and investigate all surfaces in your home. They are family-friendly, sweet, and affectionate cats. They love to cuddle with their humans, adapting well to new circumstances easily. They are moderate talkers, known to purr when they are contented. Norwegian Forest cats are family cats, so they won't bond with just one person. They're affectionately called wegies by breed enthusiasts and can live between 12 to 20 years. Their double coat can come in all different colors and patterns, but their grey coat is one of the most popular, putting them among the top 12 grey cat breeds.

8. Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental Shorthair cats have more than 300 colors and patterns available, but their grey coat sets them apart, ranking them among the top 12 grey cat breeds. They don't have any additional markings on their grey-blue coat, giving them an elegant, almost metallic appearance. Oriental shorthair cats are like their Siamese cat ancestors. They are talkative, sweet, loving, and athletic cats that crave attention. They are a curious breed, getting into everything just to be near you. Their short, smooth coat requires minimal grooming, and many consider this breed to be hypoallergenic. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any loose hair to keep them looking fresh. Oriental Shorthair cats are great for homebodies as they require moderate attention. Additionally, they do well with other cats because they love companionship and having someone to play with when they get bored. Oriental shorthair cats typically live between 10 to 15 years and are among the top 12 grey cat breeds for a reason. gray cat breeds

9. Persian Cat

Persian cats have been among the top 12 grey cat breeds for centuries. Initially preferred by the nobility, this long-haired breed is known for its silky, grey fur. Their coat can come in different colors and patterns, but they retain distinctive features. Persian cats have sweet, gentle faces, expressive eyes, and a melodious purr. They are cute, well-mannered, and calm. If you're looking for a lap cat, then this top 12 grey cat breed may be for you. They are restful and undemanding. They are happy to just lay with you, cuddling with their family. However, Persians can be playful and curious when they want to be. They prefer to play with feather toys over cat trees as they're not huge climbers. Persian cats require moderate grooming to keep their long coat free from tangles and mats. They need regular bathing, so make sure to introduce them to water when they are young for the best results. Persians live between 12-17 years.

10. Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue cats are great for pet owners who suffer from allergies. They have a short, double coat, meaning they don't shed as much and have fewer allergens in their soft coat. This makes them one of the top 12 grey cat breeds, but there's so much more to this cat that keeps them among the best. The Russian Blue cat's appearance changes as they mature from kittens to adults. Kittens may have faint stripes on the coats and green-rimmed yellow eyes. However, Russian Blues lose their stripes as adult cats, and their eyes become bright green, which is a beautiful contrast against their silver-tipped dark grey coat. Russian blues have a regal stature, always with a slight smile on their face, making them one of the top 12 grey cat breeds. They are sweet-tempered, loyal, and affectionate cats. Russian Blue cats are highly intelligent, so you'll want to keep plenty of toys on hand to keep them happy. They can be prone to overeating, so you'll want to keep a strict feeding schedule to keep your Russian Blue cat happy and healthy. Scottish Fold

11. Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold cats get their name from their distinctive folded ears (so cute!), and they've been capturing hearts as one of the top 12 grey cat breeds for decades. Don't worry, though. The fold in their ears does not impact their hearing, but that feature is what caused the Scottish fold cats to stand the test of time. Scottish Fold cats have a strong pedigree, tracing their line back to 1961 and a barn cat named Susie. Thanks to Susie's unique features – large eyes, rounded face, and folded ears – cat breeders quickly started a breeding program to recreate the look. Thankfully, they also produced cats that are intelligent and sweet-tempered. Some can be highly vocal, while others are softer spoken. Scottish folds love attention, but they're not clingy cats. They are independent and typically form a primary attachment. Scottish fold cats have an average life expectancy of 15 years, though they can develop arthritis in their tails. Scottish Folds are worth checking out if you're looking for one of the top 12 grey cat breeds.

12. Sphynx Cats

Sphynx cats may be hairless, but they have grey skin or grey down, making them a great choice if you're looking for the top 12 grey cat breeds. Just because they lack hair doesn't mean they don't need regular bathing. While cats keep up with their own maintenance, you'll still need to wipe down this breed regularly. And yes, these cats might not enjoy water either, so be prepared for a fight washing this regal kitty. Sphynx cats are sweet-tempered, lively, and active. They love to jump from surface to surface – the more challenging the feat, the better. Sphynx cats are incredibly loyal and loving to their families – they even wag their tails almost like dogs when they are happy. Much like other cats, they thrive with your attention. Sphynx cats have a lower lifespan than other cats on this list, living between 8 and 14 years. Their exotic appearance has made them a favorite among cat lovers, earning them a spot on the top 12 grey cat breeds – even if they are hairless. gray cat breeds

Final Say on the Top 12 Grey Cat Breeds

These are just a handful of the cat breeds out there, so don't just rely on the top 12 grey cat breeds. Other breeds can come in grey if your heart is set on the color. There are plenty of cats who need to be adopted if you're not looking for a purebred cat, so check out your local shelters to see if there's a cat you fall in love with that's looking for a home. Many will ask questions to ensure proper placement to prevent the cat from returning to the shelter. The top 12 grey cat breeds are popular, but many mixed breeds retain the best characteristics of their parents, so don't hesitate to pick a cat based on your needs instead of the breed!

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