Three Black Cats From New Orleans Are Here To Steal Your Heart This Holiday Season

Down in New Orleans, there are three black cats with a special story to share. You see, all three of them might look a little different due to their vision impairments, but this just makes them even more special, unique, and precious if you ask me. For the sister of the three kittens, a sweet and incredibly shy little girl named Fern, she’s already secured herself a forever home with a nice man who happens to have another cross-eyed kitty of his own. So, while Fern has found her happy ending, her brothers Forrest and Flint are still anxiously awaiting to find theirs.

If you or anyone you know wants to give these adorable black cats the Christmas miracle they deserve—you can! The brothers are still searching for a home, and I caught up with Trap Dat Cat out of New Orleans, Louisiana hoping to do my part and share their story so they can have a forever home to call their own, too.

Keep reading to learn about Fern, Flint, and Forrest: three special black cats with lots of love to give.

I just love Forrest’s sweet expressions!

1. How did you learn about Fern, Flint, and Forrest’s plight?

Trap Dat Cat is a 501c3 nonprofit, volunteer TNR group, meaning we trap, neuter, and return stray and community cats in New Orleans. We were at a site doing TNR when we trapped Fern, Forrest, Flint, and their mother. Their mother was spayed and returned to her outdoor home. Normally, the kittens would have also been spayed/neutered and returned, however, while they were being spayed/neutered, Dr. Antoine Saacks of Dog Day Afternoon, noticed that the kittens had eye infections. He asked us to keep them a week to treat their eyes. During that week, the eye infections cleared up, but it became apparent that they had bigger issues underlying. 

Little Flint is so adorable!

2. I saw that you mentioned all the kitties had eye issues. How does this affect their everyday life?

Dr. Karen Miller of Cat Hospital of Metairie consulted on their case to see what needed to be done. It was determined the Fern’s problem was only cosmetic, with weak eye muscles giving her a cross-eyed appearance, but in an up-and-down direction, instead of the traditional side-to-side direction. Forrest and Flint, however, had eyelid agenesis and entropion, meaning part of their upper eyelids didn’t fully form, and the part that did turned inward, causing constant irritation to their eyes. They would need reconstructive eye surgery to save their eyes.

Catherine Wilbert of Big Sky Ranch in Folsom, LA offered to perform the surgeries at a discounted rate. We have been driving the boys back and forth every few weeks to have their surgeries. Fern’s eyesight is not affected at all. Forrest has vision in both of his eyes, and currently only needs eyedrops once a day until his eyelids fully heal. Flint has full vision in one eye, but unfortunately may lose his other eye.

Being the owner of two completely blind cats, I can assure you it will not interfere with his everyday life, and it will be no different than caring for any other cat! We were ecstatic when Fern found her forever home. I was worried that her odd appearance would decrease her chances for adoption. Luckily, it was her very quirkiness that landed her in the perfect home! 

As you can see, little Fern is simply precious!

3. What’s something special you’d like people to know about these three precious kitties?

What I want people to know is that kittens and cats with special needs or odd appearances often get overlooked for the cute cuddly ones. Kittens like Forrest and Flint still don’t have a home, while multiple applications come in for other kittens. These boys, like their sister, deserve their chance at happiness and a forever home. They are so sweet, and so soft, and literally will require no more time to care for than any other kitten. 

4. How can someone contact you about adopting the brothers (hopefully together!)?

People can read more about Forrest and Flint, see pics and videos, and apply to adopt them on our Petfinder account. For Flint, click here; for Forrest, click here

5. What are the personalities like for each of the two brothers?

They are about 5-6 months old now, super soft, and friendly. They are so chunky they remind me of little black bear cubs! And they are just as fearless! They run all around, playing and roughhousing with each other, carrying on like every other kitten! They may be a little shy when they first meet you, but they warm up quickly. Once they know you, they are total lap cats that want attention lavished on them nonstop!


These cats are in great hands now with the good people of Trap Dat Cat who work tirelessly to help cats in need, and advocate to public the importance of spaying/neutering to prevent kittens from being born on the streets. Their mission for TNR is making a real difference in the New Orleans community. – trapping, spaying/neutering, and providing medical care to 50-70 cats per week. And they do all of this out of the kindness of their hearts on a strictly volunteer basis. For more on who they are and all the amazing work that they do for stray and feral cats, please visit their website here

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Theresa Bridges with Trap Dat Cat for taking the time to answer my questions and share with me some more details on these three special cats. Please, if you can, share this story so that Flint and Forrest can get their happy ending, too. 

And don’t forget to keep up with Trap Dat Cat on Facebook and Instagram, too!

All Images Courtesy of Trap Dat Cat
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