The Tuxedo Amigos: Four Rescued Cats Livin’ The Good Life

There is something about tuxedo cats that many of us cat lovers can’t get enough of. They’re silly, they’re playful, they’ve got cattitude for days, and they are the masters of wrapping us right around their little panda colored paws. For those of us who have a tuxedo cat in our lives, they bring us endless joy. And if you happen to love tuxedo cats, then you’re really going to love this gang of tuxies I’m going to share with you. Let me introduce to you four of the coolest tuxedo cats you’ve ever seen: Skittles, Feesol, Fig, and Bean. And together they known as the Tuxedo Amigos!

Want to know more about this cool clowder of black and white kitties? Learn all about The Tuxedo Amigos below…

He is calm, dignified, and very judgemental. He prefers to observe shenanigans from a distance but every once in a while he gets a burst of the crazies and will run circles around the house at top speed. After a few minutes he remembers he’s a proper gentleman and will continue judging his brothers and humans from afar.
My mom and I found Skittles on the side of a busy highway in 2016. I had just moved to South Carolina from Alaska a couple weeks prior. He looked to be around 6 weeks old and hadn’t had human contact before. A homeowner nearby said she had been putting chicken bog out so he had something to eat, but he was still skinny.
My mom grabbed him, and he was so scared he scratched up her arms so bad! He became my best friend. He made moving to SC so much easier because suddenly I wasn’t alone anymore. When he gets in a mood to cuddle, he’ll often fluff his tail and drool while I pet him.
He is hyper, very vocal, and wants to play 24/7. He loves grooming his brothers and is always doting on them, much to Skittles’ annoyance. He loves kittens more than anything in the world. About a year after finding Skittles we decided he may want a brother to keep him some company.
It was kitten season at all the shelters so I picked one nearby to take a look. He was in the very back where they keep sick kittens in quarantine, which is often where cats and kittens get overlooked.
He didn’t see me outside his cage at first because they just put some food in there, but once he did he jumped straight in the air and looked at me like I was the scariest thing he had ever seen. So I took him home. When I yell “bug!” Feesol comes running and will eat any bug that I’m pointing at. He earns his keep around here.

Fig is the prince of our household. He is the only one that is allowed to eat from everyone’s food bowls. His brothers let him get away with everything and he knows it. He loves giving kisses to humans, especially on noses. He is extremely gentle with humans, too.

In 2018, I was having a particularly rough time. There was a shelter near my work so right when I got off I went over there to spend time socializing kittens. As I was leaving I glanced over to a corner and saw him. Once we made eye contact something drew me to him. He had been there a month.

Just look at Fig’s transformation!

He had little sores on his hind legs, coccidia, a URI with conjunctivitis, ear mites, and was covered with fleas. I couldn’t leave him there. It was a rough couple of months trying to get him healthy. He was 100% worth it. At 9:24 PM he runs under our bed every day because he knows we’ll shut the bedroom door and he wants to cuddle one last time without sharing the humans with his brothers.


Bean is very shy, especially with new humans, but still sometimes he thinks even his cat dad is suddenly spooky. He is quiet but loves to play and jump around with his brothers. He always seeks Feesol out for a bath because he loves being doted on, and Feesol is happy to oblige. He is so incredibly sweet and gentle.

I follow some rescue groups on social media. I saw a post by Animal Rescue Carolina about a young stray tuxedo cat they caught that had to have one eye removed due to a severe illness. As soon as I saw his picture I knew I had to meet him. At the adoption event he was shy and wasn’t eager to meet me when I stuck my finger in his cage.

I was worried he would have a hard time finding a home, and I was in tears at the thought of leaving him there because he was obviously scared. So I took him home. Sometimes when Bean gets excited he’ll stand on his hind legs until I put my hands out for him to rest his paws on. Then he’ll lift himself up and headbutt my chin while purring.

The Tuxedo Amigos
Many tuxedo cats are famous for their cattitude. Which of your four has the most cattitude?
Feesol has serious cattitude. He will knowingly do things he knows he isn’t supposed to do, and it’s more fun for him if the humans see him do it. If you talk to him he will talk back and always wants the last word.
The Tuxedo Amigos
I’d like to give a special thank you to the owners of these four cool tuxedo cats for allowing me to share their cute photos and their stories. If you know someone who loves tuxedo cats, don’t forget to share these cool kitties with them!
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The Tuxedo Amigos
All Images Courtesy of The Tuxedo Amigos on Instagram
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