Survey Shows People Have Grown Closer To Their Cats During Pandemic

During our darkest days, sometimes it feels like our cats are the only ones who are truly there for us. Of course cats get a bad wrap from people who unfairly label them as aloof. But if you ask me, cats are like furry therapist. They listen, they comfort you, and they have the ability to understand your emotions without the use of words. So, despite all the hardships many have faced across the globe this year, there seems to be a silver lining for cat owners. We’ve grown closer with our cats, and strengthened our bonds even more. And a recent study shows it, too! And with all that time spent together, it’s made us better pet parents who are more alert of changes in our cats behavior/health.

The study was conducted on behalf of Royal Canin, and it provided valuable and uplifting insight for cats and their owners during these unprecedented times. The study shows that:

  • 75% of cat owners said they couldn’t have gotten through quarantine without their pet
  • 66% of cat owners learned or noticed something new about their pet
  • 86% want to take better care of their cats because their cats take care of them
  • 66% plan to change how they care for their pet after COVID-19

There were a total of 2,000 cat owners polled for the survey, and some of those cat owners also happened to be dog owners, too.

Dr. Laura Pletz, Scientific Services Manager with Royal Canin said that, 

“Although many cats are enjoying the attention from their owners being at home, most cats are independent and do a good job of structuring their day themselves. Owners should make gradual changes to help reduce stress and ease the transition back to ‘normal’ life.”

For myself, my cats are used to my presence and I’m pretty much always at home because that is my happy place. Plus, I’m extremely fortunate to have made a life for myself that involves working from home—where my cats are! As you can see, they have no complaints. Well, maybe expect when I need to move them from my hot pink office chair…

Do you think that you’ve grown closer to your cats this year? I can say for myself that I certainly have, and that’s something to be grateful for.

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