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Smells Your Cat Loves

by Cattitude Daily

When it comes to our feline friends, we know that they can be some pretty picky individuals. Cats will be cats, and sometimes we present things to them hoping they will like it only for them to turn up their noses. And you know one thing your cat is super picky about? Smells! Our cats will be quick to judge when it comes to a scent they disapprove of. Some will even make that funny face (AKA the Flehmen response) when they catch a whiff of something that really rubs them the wrong way. But did you know that there are smells that cats love?

Keep reading to learn some smells cats love so that you can entice your kitty with the scents they’ll approve of…

smells your cat loves

Valerian Root

In case you didn’t already know, not all cats possess the catnip gene. But for a cat that isn’t crazy about catnip, well, they just might have a thing for valerian root instead. Interestingly enough, valerian root provides a calming effect on humans. But when it comes to cats, it can produce a euphoric effect that’ll have your kitty going plain kooky.

This natural stimulant for cats can help to provide enrichment, especially for indoor cats. The thing is, valerian root is a smell cats love, but it might be a smell that you absolutely despise. This plant gives off a pungent earthy odor, so it might not be high on your list of smells to entertain your cat with. Perhaps spoil them with it when they’re out on their catio and not in your living room.

What You Need to Know About Silvervine - Munchiecat

Silver Vine

Popular in Asia, silver vine is a smell cats love that you might actually enjoy having around, too. This cat safe plant is a member of the kiwi family, and its trailing vines grow similarly to grape vines. It seems that this has been a popular choice for entertaining Asian felines for many years, but didn’t grow popularity for cat owners in the Western Hemisphere till recently.

Silver vine is a winding vine with pretty little flowers, but you can often find it in powder form if you’re looking to give your cat a little fun. Your cat will likely respond as they would with catnip, and it’s a safe way to enrich them and let them have a good time.


Okay, okay, this one is pretty much a given that even the most novice cat owner knows that cats love. But, did you know that a 2017 study on catnip and its effect on cats proved that nearly 1/3 of cats do not respond to catnip? If your cat possesses the catnip gene, you can grow your own catnip, buy catnip from the store, or simply purchase toys which are filled with catnip for them to enjoy.

smells cats love


Honeysuckle has such a light and refreshing scent, this is one that you can certainly enjoy with your cats, too. But it’s important to keep in mind that while cats might naturally be attracted to this smell, it does pose potential risks to their health.

The berries and flowers of honeysuckle plants should not be ingested by cats, but the woody part of the plant is often offered to cats in the form of toys or spray. Again, practice precaution with this one because you can never be too safe when it comes to your feline friend. Some cat owners report a euphoric effect, while others have noted their cats becoming aggressive when being exposed to honeysuckle.

Certain Fruits

While it has been reported time and time again that many cats simply detest the smell of citrus, there are particular fruits that cats are quite fond of. Of these certain fruits, strawberries, peaches, cantaloupe, and watermelon top the list. These fruits are safe to feed your cat in limited quantities, but just keep in mind that cats are carnivorous by nature and don’t need to rely on fruit to survive. Additionally, never give your cat a lick of the pit or seeds when it comes to these fruits as they can be toxic to cats. For more human foods for cats, click here. 

Now that you’ve learned all about the smells that your cat loves, read here on Cattitude Daily to learn some surprising smells that your cat can’t stand.

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