Meet Sasha & Logan: Two Purrfectly Fluffy Peas In A Pod

For two precious Ragdoll cats in Vancouver, Canada, they’re living out their best nine lives together. This purrfect pair loves to pose for the camera, and they’ve bot got personality for days. I came across their profile on Instagram, and since I’m a total sucker for these purrfectly fluffy and loving felines, I reached out to see if I could feature them on the site.

We know that sometimes cats aren’t fond of other cats, but such is not the case for Sasha and Logan. Because as you can see from their adorable photos, these two dolls spend every waking—and sleeping—moment together!

Sasha & Logan Sasha & Logan

How did you choose their names?

Funny enough, we feel that the names chose them in both situations; when my boyfriend and I met Sasha, we both said her name at the exact same time, it was fate! And when we met Logan, we each wrote 1 name and put them in a hat- turns out, we each put Logan without knowing. LOL!

Are the two of them related?

They are! Half siblings! Sasha is 4 months older than Logan!

Sasha & Logan Sasha & Logan

How do they get along with one another?

They are best buds, two peas in a pod.

What is each of their personalities like?

Sasha is spunky but so affectionate, she can’t get enough of our cuddles! Logan is the definition of a floppy cat, always rolling around and playing with his toys! We do question if he loves food more than us though, lol.

Sasha & Logan Sasha & Logan

Do they “go limp” when you pick them up like Ragdoll cats are known for?

Yes, it’s the most adorable thing ever!

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about them?

Sasha and Logan are the biggest cuddle buddies, we actually bought them a dog bed for both of them to sleep in. They use it nightly. They both love to follow us to every room, and I mean EVERY. ROOM. If the bathroom door is shut, we will see little paws underneath the door.

Sasha & Logan Sasha & Logan

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Sasha and Logan’s cat mom, Stephanie, for allowing me to share her cats’ story and precious photos with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. If you know someone who would enjoy these two cute cats, don’t forget to share this article with them. And for more photos of them, be sure to check out Sasha and Logan on Instagram. 

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All Images Courtesy of sasha_and_logan on Instagram

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